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The reviews are coming in…

Heat Sizzle Burn promo2It’s funny how reviews are an author’s life-blood but they can be a double-edged sword. There are always going to be haters and those are actually quite easy to forget about. In the words/lyrics of Taylor Swift, “Shake it off, shake it off,” and I do.

I’ve received quite a few 5-star reviews for HEAT and I couldn’t be happier. I am noticing a pattern, though. Many are mentioning that they don’t like what happens with the heroin at the end of the book. I totally understand. I actually don’t want a formulaic ending that people see from the start of the book. In this series, I want you to be disturbed.

When I begin developing a series in my head, I know where it’s going if not all the intricate parts that get it there. My characters talk to me and things change. I’ve learned to stop fighting the voices and just write what they tell me.

In the Dragon Series (writing as D’Elen McClain) this worked so well. And, like the Dragon series, people were unsure of why I did what I did until they read the last chapter of book 4. The Hotter than Hell Series (HEAT, SIZZLE, BURN) is similar.

Each book is a complete story with an HEA. It’s also a story within a story and you learn a little more about the past characters in each book–the reasons I sculpt each one as I do.

My avid readers know this and their reviews have been more than generous. They trust me to lead them from the dark and make them smile at the very end (usually with a few tears along the way). My new readers aren’t so sure and that’s okay because it’s much sweeter when the light finally clicks and they “get me.”

SIZZLE is on schedule for an April release. I’m not sure about BURN, though it’s planned for 2016. Until then, I’ll be seeing you on the dark side!



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Release Day and it’s Hotter Than Hell

Team Moon


She’s an ex-cop and he’s the head of a crime syndicate. Heat turns to sizzle and hearts combust when they find themselves wanting more than a few hot nights between cool sheets.

After a shoulder injury ends her respectable career as a police officer, Mak also known as Madison Abigail Kinlock turns to the seedy world of private investigations by default. Now her job consists of cheating douchebags and baby daddies dodging child support. Things can’t get much worse.

Moon controls Arizona’s largest crime syndicate. His bronze skin and blue eyes leave a girl breathless even when that girl knows he’s bad news. Moon doesn’t give a flying fig what Mak thinks; he wants her—ex-cop, bad attitude, and all.

How does she resist the dark side when her body craves Moon’s searing touch? Things only get hotter in Phoenix when Mak finds herself in a deadly situation and must turn to Moon for help.

He’ll help but there’s a price.

Available Now:

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Here’s a great interview about Heat brought to you by Fiona and Authors Interviews:


Team Gomez


I’m hard at work on book 2, SIZZLE. I’m hoping for a spring release. I don’t want to give too much away but Gomez is as bad and yummy as they come. It will take a special woman to find the good in him and I have just the woman to do it.

Here’s the blurb:

The Arizona Desert sizzles and it’s hotter than hell.

Alex Gomez is the enforcer for the largest crime syndicate in Arizona and makes no excuses. His hands are covered in blood and the lines between right and wrong blurred.

Celina Thomas has a deadly secret. Only money can fix her problem and she needs a lot of it, quickly. She’s gifted with a body and face that men are willing to pay for. She makes the decision to enter the world of high class escorts but her heart cries at the injustice.

One night with Alex and Celina’s plan turns upside down.

One night with Celina and Alex’s heart of ice begins to melt.

Celina’s secret could kill them both. Can she trust Alex and place her life in his hands? Can Alex let her escape regardless of the consequences?

Passion ignites as Alex and Celina sizzle with burning need while death lurks on the sweltering Phoenix horizon.

Pre-order now available at select locations:

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