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holly 500D’Elen McClain aka Holly S. Roberts is a retired homicide and sex crimes detective who loves long walks on the beach and sweet music. Not really… she hikes mountains with her Rottweiler and listens to hard rock with heavy bass and bad words. She’s the USA TODAY Best-Selling author of the Fire Chronicles and Fang Chronicles. Writing as Holly, she’s the USA TODAY Best-Selling author of the Completion, Club El Diablo, and Hotter Than Hell series. If a book doesn’t have enticing romance, sex, and hot alpha men she doesn’t read or write it.

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Fang Chronicles Readers Group – This is a fun group of readers who like the Fang books and assorted other books I write.

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  1. Erin Stout June 13, 2016 Reply

    This cracked me up 🙂 Love your sense of humor and we’ve got some things in common, amongst them is a mutual adoration for Rotts!

  2. Twana Holloway September 12, 2016 Reply

    I’m in love with your books. Every single one. Some authors start off good then fizzle with redundancies. Not you. EVERY SINGLE BOOK is great. Thank you for a great read.

  3. DonB February 3, 2017 Reply

    What’s up with the Club El Diablo Series? Amazon only lists a couple of titles and shows them as out of print. I was hoping to get the entire series, I’ve read several, don’t remember which ones so I was hoping to read’m beginning to end.
    Thanks for the great writing!

    • Thank you for asking. I’m rewriting the series and increasing the first four books to novels and adding the male viewpoint. They will be reintroduced later this year. I’ll post here when it happens. I think you would love the Hotter Than Hell series!

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