Pre-Order “Slam”

Slam is now available on Amazon for pre-order. Reserve you copy here. It releases January 27th 2015. I’m including the blurb below. If you want a bigger teaser sign up for my newsletter šŸ™‚ I’m excited to get this book out the door. It’s due to my editor on Jan. 1. We have recently moved […]

Out of the Closet into the Fire

Due to my career as a police officer (recently retired), I kept my erotic writing a secret. I live in a small conservative town and to top things off, my husband works for the school district. All were a combination for disaster. When “Play” the first book in the Completion series hit the USA Today […]

Exciting Fang News

I’m very excited to announce Ā Fang Chronicles: Ivan is now available for pre-order. If you haven’t read a Fang book, no worries. I tested this installment on an unsuspecting reader and she loved it without having read the prior books. October 10th is the release day for Ivan.   Update: Releasing on Sept. 30th, ten […]

USA Today Bestseller “PLAY”

Yesterday may have been one of my most exciting days as an author. My book Play written under my Holly S. Roberts pseudonym made theĀ USA Today Best Seller List! This is something most authors only dream about and I’ve been dreaming about itĀ for years. Someone please pinch me because I don’t plan on waking up. […]

Home Of All Things Wicked

A note fromĀ D’Elen aka Holly I’ve combined my three blogs into thisĀ central blog, Wicked Story Telling. Hopefully itĀ will make following the happenings in my writing chronicles a little easier. I will continue to put out a newsletter (sign up here) every month or so. Having a central blogĀ has been on my list of items to […]