Authors struggle daily to abide by rules set forth by Amazon, the largest book retailer in the world. There of horror stories of authors having their accounts removed. When this happens, authors have little to no recourse and struggle to have their account reactivated. I personally know an author this happened to and it took six months to get her account back. What does this mean exactly? For her, she stopped writing and said she would never be at Amazon’s mercy again. For me it would mean going out and finding another job. So, to combat this, authors are offering their books for sale independent of online re-sellers who all have different rules. When you click that BUY NOW button below, you’re taken to a secure checkout and your credit card/Paypal information is safe. Please consider buying direct! The books below are also available or on pre-order at your favorite re-seller (Warrior releases March 5th). Click here for buy links to your favorite store.

Genetically Modified Novels Book 2



Genetically Modified Novels Book 1



Holly S. Roberts