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6 Days Until Shadow

To have a great thriller, you need a great protagonist. Meet the Hellhounds. They run in packs, have sharp, poisonous claws and teeth and kill out everyone in their path.

First came electromagnetic pulses that took out power, then came the terrifying monsters from beneath the surface to wipe out humans, then came their savior, another monster who gives humanity one chance.

To bad humans ruined it.

Enter the world of Hellhounds…

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7 Days Until Shadow

Shadow Warriors lived among humans for hundreds of years. Arriving from a war ravaged world, they simply want to live in peace and become farmers and learn to control their savage nature. They only come out of hiding when hellhounds attack humans and annihilate the world.

After saving humanity, the new government tries to control and study them causing another war that no one can win. After killing the Warrior’s leader, King’s uncle, the warriors go on a rampage until the U.S. government signs a peace treaty.

Would you trust them?

Enter the Shadow Warrior world!

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8 Days Until Shadow

As I delved into the Shadow Warrior world, I wanted to make them different. They are not these big hot sexy beasts in their warrior form. Nope, they’re scary as crap and twice as ugly.

So on 8 days and counting, my question is how do you love a Shadow Warrior?

You’ll need to read to discover the answer and I promise it’s a dozy.

Enter the world of Shadow Warriors

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9 Days Until Shadow

King has been such an interesting character to write and I’m far from finished with him. He’s the leader of the Shadow Warriors and hates humans for their betrayal and for killing his uncle.

Enter Marinah. She’s uncoordinated, afraid of her own shadow, and thrust into a world of half men, half beast Neanderthals. I bet you can see King’s eye roll.

Simple fact: They’re a match made in hell with hell’s hounds out for blood.

Enter their world in 9 days…

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10 Days Until Shadow

I can’t believe the 10-day countdown has begun. As an author I imagine, I write, I worry and for this venture I sometimes did all three at once. This new series is part urban fantasy, paranormal romance, thriller, and love story but most of all it’s about a woman who must find her courage and save the world.

Years ago, I wrote a short novella titled CRIMSON WARRIOR. It’s about hellhounds and vampires but when I wrote it, I limited the world so much I was unable to write a sequel. So I began thinking and dreaming of a new world with hellhounds. That’s when SHADOW was born.

I hope you’ll join me on this new journey. SHADOW and it’s sister novel, WARRIOR, are a work of heart.

I invite you to enter Marinah’s world.

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It’s All About FREE

My bestselling book of all time and USA TODAY bestseller is FREE for a few days and this is your chance to download and save.

Yummy Football Romance

When Killian MacGregor, the hottest quarterback in the NFL, eyes the perfect pair of female legs, he spends an hour tracking the gorgeous woman in a room filled with rowdy teammates until one gets out of line.

Rebecca Cavanaugh, a long distance runner for the state team, intimidates boys and men with her quick wit and majestic height. The pre-season jock party isn’t her scene, but she’s roped into attending to provide her sister a sober ride home.

Hiding in the kitchen to avoid an athletic sex fest, a drunken football player forces Rebecca to her knees, and thrusts his crotch in her face. Before Rebecca can extricate herself from the demeaning situation, an unknown champion saves the night. When Killian assists Rebecca off the floor, she’s stunned into silence while staring at the sexiest man alive.

Will Killian’s bad boy rep and Rebecca’s need for commitment, make this the most impossible “Play” of the season? Or, will Killian’s haunting past and need for victory destroy the most important game of his life?

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End of Year Rap


Health: This was our year for health and you might remember our fasting journey over Thanksgiving 2017. It literally changed our lives and in 2018 we were able to live clean, healthy and happy. We drank green juice every day and 6 months ago I went fully plant based. Again, it’s changed my life. DH is a little behind me and continues eating some animal products, but he says it’s only a matter of time. I also started blog which will see more activity in 2018. Overall, I lost 80 pounds, I now work out at least 10 hours per week, and I love my new body which I haven’t seen since my early twenties. I didn’t diet or have surgery (not a jab at weight loss surgery), I changed everything about how I look at food. I’m no longer addicted and I can’t believe the difference it’s made in my physical and mental health. Look out 2019!

Wealth: This goal needs improvement. The book industry is fickle and I’ve been around a long time and seen so many changes. I’ve got things in the works for 2019 and #1 is writing more books. My goal is 6 new books for the new year and one rewrite. You can cheer because I always hit my goals ?

My book release schedule:

Shadow – 2/12/19 Genetically Modified Series

Warrior – 3/5/19 Genetically Modified Series

Street Fight – TBA Hotter Than Hell

Swelter – TBA Hotter Than Hell

Title TBA – TBA Genetically Modified Series

Title TBA – Something from my heart that I really want to write that’s not part of the GMS or HTH series.

Happiness: Being healthy is the number one thing I contribute to this year’s happiness. We stayed active and achieved major goals. Our grandchildren are growing older and it’s fun getting text messages from them. They’re the only ones I don’t say, “On deadline” to because their messages are so precious. I learned to make vegan butter and almond milk this year too. Tastes so good and I don’t need to give up some of those foods I love which makes me very happy!

A thankful year: There were so many incredible people in my life this year beginning with Holly’s Wicked Warriors, the best street team in the world. A special shout out to Tara, Amanda, Dinah, Michelle, Wendy, Bobbi, Linda, Melissa, Bethany, Sharon, Stephanie, Haleigh and Laura, thank you! To my husband, the mad green juicer in the house keeping filled with micronutrients. You’re my rock. I love you. To my writer friends who help stay me sane, thank you for your encouragement even if it’s just to say, “Stop whining and fucking write!” KC, Jodi, Theresa, Teresa, LK, Pamela, Connie and so many more. I’m a better writer with you in my life. To my editor Michelle and my incredible proof readers, Michelle (different Michelle), Sally, and Carol thank you for making me a better author. To all the readers who buy my books. THANK YOU!!!!

Loss: I lost an incredible friend in the book community this year. She was my second editor and her death hit me hard. Pat, I know you are hording the best books and looking down when I’m writing and crying because I no longer have you to lean on. Thank you for so many years of learning and joy. You inspired me to always be better and your legacy is that you still inspire those you touched.

2019 Goals: This year we are concentrating on mental health. Exercise relieves my stress and I want to increase my workouts to 20 hours per week and gain a set of six-pack abs while doing it (yep this grandma has it going). More walks in the mountains and more meditation time to stay level headed. I also want to watch movies/television with a positive message. I find it relaxes me more than say watching Dwayne Johnson in Skyscraper. This doesn’t mean I’m cutting Dwayne from my life. I’ll just intersperse mellower shows with the bad-ass ones and I plan to do the same with books. My next goal is trying out for that roller derby team I’ve been procrastinating over. I’ve put it off long enough and this is the year. The worst they can say is no. We’re also remodeling the gym in our house, adding mirrors, carpet and new equipment. The projected end date for the project is Jan. 18th in time for my writer’s group to come visit and workout. I can’t wait to get the project started. I’m also adding kickboxing into the mix with a Wednesday evening class along with my Thursday morning private training session. Look out world, Holly’s on a kick-ass rampage for 2019!

Have a wickedly Happy New Year and many, many more!

Holiday Reading

I’m not much of a holiday book reader (deadlines and such) but I have a few books that are exceptions. They’re my oldies but goodies and I’m always looking for another. At the top of my winter reading list is Christmas Journey by Rexanne Becnel. I have a paperback copy that’s seen better days and I tried to order an ebook copy without success. I did manage to find a paperback copy on Amazon was over $100. I’ll keep my tattered book thank you very much.

My next go to is any Christmas story written by Debbie Macomber starting with A Season of Angels. Such a fun series and always special through the holidays.

I would love to hear about your favorite holiday books and add to my TBR pile.