Another Year Without a Cat

A cats best friend
A cats best friend

I love animals but I don’t own a cat. As an author, people find this rather strange.

I remember my first cat. My mother gave me Kitsy Kitsy when I was around nine-years-old. She only lived for a few weeks due to some kind of feline disease. I still remember where she died and sitting next to her and crying as she breathed her last.

Next came Katy. She loved me and brought be wonderful gifts. Dead mice and birds were her favorite. She lay them next to my head while I slept. I woke up many mornings with Katy’s presents staring at me with cold dead eyes.

Next was Casper. She was actually my daughter’s cat but she loved me so much she made my life a living hell when I displeased her. I had allergies something fierce. The tissue box was my best friend in the spring. If I did something that irked Casper such as delaying her meal time, not cleaning the litter box to her specifications, or God forbid adding another pet to our household; she peed in the tissue box. There was nothing lovelier than having a sneeze attack, taking out a tissue and blowing my nose with it. I kid you not. This a true story.

The CHAIR scene!

So, in 2016, I’ve decided to dedicate each Monday of the year on my Facebook Author Page, to the 52 reasons why this author doesn’t own a cat. Please see the humor in these posts. I don’t need cat loving hate mail. Great cat pics I will gladly accept.

You need to “like” my D’Elen McClain author page to see them. The posts start Monday January 4, 2016

For my Holly S. Roberts page, I’m using the theme Bad Boy Tuesdays and featuring athletes that make our hearts go pitter patter. So, if you want a Tuesday pick-me-up, “like” my Holly author page too.

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Another Year Without a Cat

  1. I read this while the first cat I have ever had on my own bathes himself in my lap. We had cats when I young, actually about nine, like you. We were so lucky; they were both with us 16-17 years.

    It was horrible and heart wrenching to say our goodbyes, and I swore I would never go through it again. That, of course, held true for about 10 years until the Munchkin came along and I discovered how meant for each other we were!

    In any case, while I think cats are just about the best ever (I was going to say the cat’s pajamas!), you do have a great many creatures to love you and take care of you.

    Love from me and Munchkin!

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