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Celebrating Silver



It’s Tahr, my silver dragon’s turn to find happiness. And of course it doesn’t come without him growing up and changing his perspective. It seems like I’ve been waiting so long to tell his story. I also hope I answer many of the questions readers have had about my world building.

Just a little secret… I take you on a quick trip back to Bastian, Laryn, Sarn and Tahr’s youth and also relive the day the curse began. The story has been in my head and it was so nice to have it come alive.

I’m going to miss these characters so much. Eventually I’ll need to drop in and see how they’re doing and I promise to share the experience with you.

I humbly ask my readers to leave a review where you purchased the book. It’s the nicest thing besides buying my work that you can do for me. Thank you and enjoy Tahr and his adventure as he discovers his mate in his own back yard.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Silver

  1. Hello,
    I recently finish reading the Dragon’s Chronicles and I had a great time , I was never bored becouse the characters building wasn’t long and drawn out. There was all the different emotions one would wish for in these four books Don’t mine admitting I did some crying. It was one of the best dragon’s series l have read in a while. WELL DONE Mc Claim! Reading Fangs Chronicles now.

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