Completion Sports

Play, the first book in the Completion Sports Series, is my first book to hit the USA TODAY Bestseller List. I remember the exact moment I found out. I started calling my family and no one answered. I almost cried in frustration. It was hours before I could brag. When I go to large conferences (the kind where no one knows who I am) I will run into a reader who recognizes my name and says, “You wrote Play. It’s my favorite sports book of all time.” I get the warm and fuzzies.  

Each book can be read as a standalone. The preferred reading order is below though it isn’t in order of release but the two football books are connected and the two rugby books.

Each book offers a sexy pro-athlete and a few surprises. These are sexy adult reads and the best thing is you don’t need to enjoy sports. 

Completion Sports Series Reading Order

Play – Football (USA TODAY Bestseller)

Goal – Football

Strike – Baseball

Kick – Rugby

Ruck – Rugby (USA TODAY Bestseller)

Slam – Tennis

One of my favorite reviews:

“OMG THIS BOOK. Prior to reading this one, I’d read another by the same author and really enjoyed it. This one totally shocked me, however, and I fell hard and fast for the characters in this one.

Rebecca is such a fun character. She is totally and absolutely REAL. I believed everything about her. She’s shy and has a difficult time coming out of her shell. She’s determined to work hard and make her way in life, no matter what’s thrown at her. She’s also pretty amazing, and just needs someone to show her. Enter Killian. He is sexy as heck and wants to get his hands on her. Even when he tries to throw his money and prestige at her, she doesn’t really care. I adored that aspect of the characters. They were both completely real, despite the fact that one is totally in the limelight and the other wants nothing to do with the crazy spotlight.

I really can’t say how much I loved this book. The main characters were great. The secondary characters are funny and charming and I want to read about them all in their own books. The plot was fairly realistic and kept me turning the pages until the very last one. I definitely look forward to future books from this author.” ~Review