Crimson Warrior

Crimson Warrior is the hidden gem in my book catalog if you like steamy vampires and a touch of military with a strong dose of bad words. CW first published as a novella with a group of awesome authors. I’ve worked in these groups before and since but this one had something special. Eventually, I tried writing the promised sequel but had trouble with the storyline and it just wouldn’t work. A world being destroyed by hellhounds and rescued by vampires stayed in my mind and I eventually poured everything into the Genetically Modified Series minus the steamy sex and bad words. It’s been by top seller since the first book (Shadow) released. Will Crimson ever get a sequel? Maybe one day but that’s a small maybe. The story is complete. The next book was about a different set of characters not mentioned in Book 1. Enjoy the fast and powerful ride.

Crimson Warrior


Adult Read

One of my favorite reviews:

“This is a new author for me. I don’t usually get books that are under 100 pages even if they are free or .99 but this is a short story that is worth the price. I enjoy paranormal books and especially vampires. Book was short but i was hooked from page 1.Well written and gets right to the point. this book is for adults since there is lots of sex,kick ass female ,and one sexy as hell vampire.This is the beginning of what i believe is gonna be a great series. If you enjoy paranormal reads do not pass this up.” ~Reviewer