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Fang Chronicles: Tyboll Pre-Order

DM-Fchron-Tyboll-432x648I’m so excited to announce the pre-order of Tyboll’s Story! This special Fang Chronicles book is available in the Romancing the Paranormal Box Set with thirteen amazing, all new paranormal stories from an incredible list of authors. And the best news… you get all these wonderful books combined for 99 cents!

You met Tyboll in Mandy’s Story and of course I’m bringing back that feisty she-wolf to stir up some big, bad bear trouble.

Here’s an excerpt to hold you over until release day, May 19th. The buy links are at the bottom of the post.


I watch the stunned look on Veda’s face with a sense of pride. Mandy does this to people. No one is exempt. A smile cracks Veda’s stoic face. It changes her. For the first time I see the same beauty Mandy spoke of when we entered. Unfortunately I know about her cold witch’s heart. I’d only asked her for one thing in my life—begged actually and she denied me. I would never forgive her.

Mandy released Veda and ran over to me. If Veda said she was having twins it’s now fact and a great gift. If we are lucky they will be just like their father. We couldn’t handle two more Mandy’s. I fought a grin and lost the battle. Veda raised her eyebrows. I wasn’t known for smiles but what could I do?

My stomach rumbled.


It rumbled again and then a sever cramp had me releasing Mandy and standing from my chair. Veda’s grin widened.

She wouldn’t!

“What wrong?” Mandy asked with concern.

I looked at Veda. “If you poisoned her too I will kill you.”

“No, only you, you stubborn, ugly bear.”

“You poisoned him?” Mandy demanded as another cramp had me bending double.

“Don’t worry…”

That was all the witch managed to say before Mandy attacked. I looked up just in time to see Mandy’s fist connect with her face. Veda fell out of her chair and landed on the floor out cold. I should feel satisfied but the pain was so great I also went to the floor.

There was probably an antidote but now Veda was unconscious and unable to administer it. I closed my eyes and groaned. The pain was unbearable. A minute later, I pulled myself up and ran outside. We passed an outhouse when we arrived and I had instant need. Mandy ran after me crying loudly. I’d kill the witch just for that.

I threw open the old wooden door. “Go check on the witch and see if there’s an antidote,” I said as I slammed the door in Mandy’s face.

“There better be or I’ll kill her.” Mandy’s voice faded as she went back to the cabin. I sat on the round wooden circle and purged my intestines. I probably wouldn’t die. Another cramp seized me. Not dying was a horrible option.

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5 thoughts on “Fang Chronicles: Tyboll Pre-Order

  1. I so can’t wait for this one!!! I love the bear clan and to be back amongst them (because yes you do feel apart of these clan) is going to be awesome. If Tyboll can melt me like Honey, I’ll be in heaven…and I love the cover!!! This is definitely being pre-ordered. How could I not?!!!

    1. I’ve been writing like crazy and you came into my thoughts today because I know how much you love Mandy and Honey. When you read this one and get to the chest and back hair part, know I was thinking of you and laughing out loud 😉

      1. I’m not sure how to take that piece of information lol! All I know is that you have baffled my mind and intrigued it at the same time.
        But on a serious note…
        D’Elen, it was Mandy’s story that had me find out more about you because I had to tell you how much I loved it and needed it at the time. With Tyboll’s Story I have high expectations, probably unrealistic ones. What ever the case, I know, from reading all of your other books, that you will do it justice. No pressure xx

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