Fang Chronicles

Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story is the first fiction book I wrote as D’Elen McClain. I had a very popular police blog and no fiction fans to speak of. Readers opened their hearts to this series and gave me a reason to continue writing. I receive more email from readers when they finish the last book than any other series I’ve written. 

Amy is a reporter tracking a serial killer. When the killer attacks her, she’s saved by Marcus, a vampire, and taken into his hidden world of vamps and shifters. Each story has a new couple. Your favorite characters intertwine throughout the stories.

Fang Chronicles Reading Order

Book 1 – Amy’s Story

Book 2 – Emily’s Story

Book 3 – Zenya’s Story

Book 4 – Mandy’s Story

Book 5 – Dmitri

Book 6 – Ivan

Book 7 – Tyboll

Book 8 – Esha’s Story

One of my favorite reviews:

“Fang Chronicles, Amy was my very first paranormal shifter book. I was a bit skeptical, because paranormal!!! But have I been blown away. Yes oh yes. What a Fantastic, compassionate storyline. The characters remind me of the different ethnic groups we face every day. The trials every shifter face are so sad for some, and so loving for others. You can literally feel the love flowing between the mates. I can relate to this book on a personal level. The author is a wonderful storyteller. It deserves more than five stars.” ~Reviewer