Genetically Modified Novels

Shadow (Duet Book I)

He’s KING—part man, part beast

She’s MARINAH—part wimp, part savior

The world faces annihilation. Again. Marinah is sent to negotiate a deal with the only man who can save them from the return of Hell’s monsters. King and his warriors we’re betrayed by the US Federation and consider them one of two enemies: Hellhounds—mindless killers that will stop at nothing to destroy the earth. Humans—the betrayers.

To defeat Hell’s evil Marinah must tame the savage beast and prove she’s an honorable human and can be trusted. She stands between a warrior race who could save them and a new government’s need for control. She’s tall, thin, and awkward, the last person to referee a treaty between monsters and humans. Destiny won’t release her and the awkward body she’s always despised is hiding a warrior of its own. A warrior who could save humanity.

Her name is Marinah

Releases 2/12/2019

Warrior (Duet Book II)

Releases 3/4/2019

Holly S. Roberts