Genetically Modified Series

This is an emotional series for me. The main character was the daughter of one of my readers. Marinah died of an accidental overdose at age 19. I’ve placed her in a world where her family has died after the apocalypse and Marinah lives on. This was done with with the help of her mother who invited me into Marinah’s world where I surrounded myself with her amazing spirit. I wear one of Marinah’s shirt when I write the last chapter of her books. I send Marinah’s mother an unedited copy which is something no one but my editor has ever seen. Marinah is with me while I write her stories. She argues with me and makes changes I don’t want or understand at the time. In the end I have an incredible series I’m very proud of. Thank you Marinah! 

Marinah’s world is set seven years after hellhounds invade earth and destroy most of humanity. An alien race, Shadow Warriors, have hidden on earth since the destruction of their home planet. They came out of hiding to save earth. By now, the US has a new government called the Federation. 

The Federation is an evil entity and wants to capture, cage and study the Shadow Warriors. After a short war where too many humans die, the Federation gifts the Shadow Warriors the uninhabited island of Cuba.

This is where we first meet Marinah. Hellhounds are regrouping and the Federation needs her to gain help from the Shadow Warriors led by King.


Genetically Modified Series

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Book 1 – Shadow (shopping links above)

Book 2 – Warrior

Book 3 – Beast

Book 4 – Queen