Hotter Than Hell

The Hotter Than Hell series takes place during the Arizona summer. This isn’t a series for everyone. I like to call it Sons of Anarchy for women. The anti-heroes are the heroes and cops the bad guys. I use a lot of my police knowledge in writing HTH. Many of the characters are based on real people and I explain why they are part of the story at the end of each book. Moon, the main character is to die for. He doesn’t compromise his criminal sense of justice. He’s not a good guy to most people but there are reasons for his decisions. Maddison Abigail Kinlock, Mak to her friends is an ex-cop with loads of attitude. After a shoulder injury took her out of the police force, she becomes a PI and for the most part, tracks down cheating husbands. Once she hits Moon’s radar, sparks fly. As the series continues, the stories are joined by an outlaw motorcycle gang and the East Coast mafia. Not for the faint of heart but I promise they’re Hotter Than Hell and also my highest rated series on Amazon.

Hotter Than Hell

Adult Content

Book 1 – Heat (links above)

Book 2 – Sizzle

Book 3 – Burn

Book 4 – Street Fight

Book 5 – Ignite

Book 6 – Combust

Book 7 – Inferno

Book 8 – Explosion


One of my favorite Hotter Than Hell reviews

“This is the first Holly Roberts book I’ve read, and I was blown away. The book reminded me of Crossing the Line, only with a grittier, dirtier, dirty talking bad boy. I became totally immersed in the characters and their story, not wanting to put it down. Now I’m moving on to book two, Gomez’s story, a pivotal character introduced in this book. I can’t wait.

Madison Abigail Kinlock (MAK) has been a PI for two years following an off duty injury that ended her Phoenix PD career. She is working a cheating spouse case when she’s knocked unconscious and awakens in a bedroom of Phoenix’s most notorious crime lord. There’s an instant attraction to the dangerous alpha male, but Mak knows that’s a line she can never cross. That’s until her car is forced off a mountain road and Moon is the only one she can call-the only one she can trust. Because if what she suspects is true, it was a cop that ran her car over the edge and down the cliff, a cop who isn’t afraid to kill. And in her world of black and white, blue is turning black, and black is turning grey.” ~Reviewer