Beast (A Genetically Modified Novel #3)


The new post-apocalyptic world is threatened by a corrupt U.S. government.
Hellhounds are gathering for another showdown.
Humans are working with Shadow Warriors to overthrow the new government.
What could go wrong?

When the U.S. Federation annihilates a human outpost, Marinah and King must lead the Shadow Warriors on a deadly mission to stop those responsible and discover how deep the government corruption runs.

Marinah has spent months learning to control her kickass Shadow Warrior body and she’s taken herself to the next level. All would be great if she wasn’t constantly chasing after two rambunctious wannabe fighters. The biggest problem is neither is over 3 feet tall and their brains are smaller than peapods. With war on the horizon, she doesn’t have time to play mother hen.

Between hellhounds and the U.S. Federation, King has his hands full. His mate, Marinah, is now as lethal as any Shadow Warrior and he knows when she accepts her true nature, she’ll be unstoppable.

Good verses evil, monster verses hellhound—the world needs a hero: Her name is Marinah.


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