Warrior (A Genetically Modified Novel #2)


Electromagnetic pulses began a catastrophe that changed the world as we know it.

Marinah: Holds a secret that will rock the human world. Sent to orchestrate a treaty with Shadow Warriors and stop hellhounds from annihilating humans, she’s plagued by deception and danger.

King: Leader of the Shadow Warriors and the last man Marinah should trust. He’s determined to win her over and prove to her that the new U.S. government has set her up for failure and wants her dead.

The Federation: Run by one man—a diabolical scientist, liar, and killer. President Barnes will stop at nothing to control the human race and kill the monsters known as Shadow Warriors while covering up the truth behind hellhounds.

Are they friend or foe? Marinah and King must navigate the dangerous waters of treachery and stay alive to save their fellow Shadow Warriors.

Earth needs a hero and her name is MARINAH


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