Suzie Ivy Mysteries

Cozi with a Bit of Grit

Small Town Mystery Books 1,2,3 Release August 2020

I’m so excited to bring you the Suzie Ivy Files. Take a ride-a-long with Officer Ivy as she navigates the streets of Small Town, Arizona after graduating the police academy at age 45. Humor, eccentric characters, and more trouble that a middle aged woman should find herself in. 

Forever Series

Detective Laci Jolett is my alter ego. She’s younger, prettier, and smarter! We meet Laci in the Forever Team. She’s a disgruntled detective who can’t find a partner. Unfortunately, the only “person” they can find to work with her is a K9 with its own problems. Suii, a heartbreaking Rottweiler, is the investigation that changes Laci’s heart. I dedicated The Forever Team to my grandchildren. The youngest to read and fall in love is 10-years-old. The book has serious subject matter including domestic violence but no bad words. I would recommend 12 years and older but you know your children so I’ll leave it to you. Book II has more police procedure than the first book but you’ll fall in love with Laci’s new partner Bell. I have so many cases I want to write about so Laci will have more books. I hope you enjoy.  

Laci Jolett Mysteries

The Forever Team

The Forever Partner

Forever Friend – 9/30/2020

Forever Loyal – 2021

One of my favorite reviews:

“I really enjoyed reading this book and I LOVED the companionship, love and loyalty that a police officer and her K9 partner can have for one another. There was humor, which I love and it definitely pulls on your heartstrings. I have always had the utmost respect for police officers and everything that they do for the safety of others and this story gives you just one scenario that police officers deal with and have to handle every day of their lives. I absolutely loved this book, immediately fell in love with the K9, Suii and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!!” ~Reviewer