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One Day

This is it and now the countdown is at hours. Shadow and its companion are the biggest undertaking I’ve taken on as a writer. I swear I tried to write it all in one book, but I had a pesky character speaking in my head refusing to be cut short.

For the people who knew this character in real life, you know I’m talking about Marinah. I’m telling you right now that girl is stubborn.

The only place put my foot down was how soon Marinah had sex with King. No, I kept telling her, you’re not ready. She fought me at every turn, but this is the only argument I won completely. Her and King’s relationship is a slow burn.

What exactly did Marinah get her way? Well, obviously we have two books instead of one. And, there will be more (she was adamant about that). She won all the clothing arguments and I can’t even imagine if this was a world of high fashion and not the hellhound apocalypse. Marinah could teach a fish to look fashionable. She also won on who lived and died though there were a couple men she was bloodthirsty for. They are waiting for another book much to her chagrin. Another is the title of the book after Warrior. It’s Beast because Marinah says so.

Now that everyone thinks I’m crazy and I won’t argue, I’m heading to the wine cabinet. My only heavy decision is red or white. Please, please, please try Shadow. I know you will love the book and Marinah! King isn’t half bad either!!!

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2 Days

Today is when the real nerves set in for me, especially on a new series and these two questions go through my head constantly:
Will people read? Will they like it?

The simple answer is always the same: Some people will “get” me and some will not. After publishing more than 40 books, you would think I’d be okay. Truly I am, but I never relax until that first negative review hits. After that, life goes back to writing normal. And yes, the great reviews still matter. I re-read them after reading the bad review and I’m always so thankful that people took the time to share their reading experience and sooth my shattered soul (okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the picture).

The biggest problem I have right now is settling down and getting anything done. For this release I’m trying something new and have a project that’s due in two weeks. It might kill me, but it also might help the restlessness I go through. I’m keeping this project close to my heart so I can’t even whisper it to you. When it’s complete, I’ll spill the beans.

Two days doesn’t seem like a long time. To this writer, it’s a lifetime!

Tomorrow I’ll give a little behind the scenes for Shadow.

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3 Days

I’ve missed a few days and it’s all because I’m preparing for Shadow’s release and time is getting away from me. These last few days are always nerve-racking and I tend to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I’ll even add to that and say a very dull knife was used to do the deed. I plan on telling you all about the ups and downs of release in tomorrow’s post and on Monday I’ll give you some of the story behind the story. So stay tuned…