The Divorce is Final

About 18 months ago, I placed my entire library of Holly S. Roberts books in Kindle unlimited (KU). Before then, I dragged my feet non-stop due to the low amounts paid to authors in Amazon’s Unlimited program. If you’re not aware of the pay discrepancy, it’s about half of what you make when you sell a book outside KU. But here’s the thing, Amazon has a great platform and by moving into KU, it opened my book worlds to many new readers.

Now, it’s time to make the announcement that the fun, laughter, heartache, and emotional struggle to only publish my books on Amazon’s platform is at an end and my divorce with KU is final.

I really didn’t want to leave him. At times he was sweet and loving and gave me opportunities to advertise on Amazon thus taking more of my money when I really thought about it. It took me months to realize how manipulative he was and how I was towing the line hoping I didn’t rock his ever changing boat.

I’ll be honest… I stopped wearing makeup and let myself go. KU made it easier to hide behind their wall of anonymous readers. Nothing against those readers, I’m one of them and use KU to find many new authors. I really think we were just incompatible from the start. Let’s call it Irreconcilable Differences.

He was good looking, I’ll give him that. At $9.99 a month, how could anything go wrong? He’s so engaging and my fingers crawled up his back daily to check my KU page reads totals. I felt the enticement, the thrill. I lived for the numbers to hit 10k, 20k, 50k. But, in all fairness, the instant gratification was not good for me. I needed to work on delayed gratification and to do that, I needed to kick him to the curb and take my life back.

For my friends… no need to pick sides. You can still love KU and if you don’t choose to buy outside the KU program, I’ll miss you. If you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll know about my sales and the free books I offer from time to time. For iBooks, Kobo, Nooks, and Google readers, I’ve missed you for so long and I can’t wait to share the new me, my new books, and the ability to purchase my books on whatever platform you desire.

Now it’s time to straighten my shoulders, lift my head, and know that I’m stronger than KU allowed me to be.

I am strong, I am woman, I AM AUTHOR!

To celebrate my divorce, the Hotter Than Hell Series (That’s right, all 7 books) are available in one box-set for $2.99. I don’t know id this low price will ever happen again so this is your chance to purchase my best-selling series for CHEEP!

Amazon * Nook * iBooks * Kobo

$2.99 for a very short time!

4 thoughts on “The Divorce is Final

  1. I found you a few years ago and absolutely loved the story. Wondered where you had been hiding. Now I’ve read all your books and cannot recommend your books enough.
    Keep em coming.
    And I was not a KU customer. Just a plain ole Amazon customer.

  2. Love your books and I buy on Amazon. I have to own them so I can reread them as often as I like. Read yours several times. No KU for me

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