Walking Naked in a Clothed World

As an author: Some days I feel naked.

writing nakedI think this is something most writers face. We pour our heart into a book and then throw our heart out among the masses. I always thought it would grow easier the more I wrote but I’ve found it actually gets harder.

The day of a new release is D-Day in my house. I can’t sit still, I eat too much chocolate, and I want to guzzle wine by the barrel. I’m not alone. Many authors react this way on release day. I know this because I asked a large group of successful writers. It amazed me that so many behaved as I do. A few were actually worse. Not one of them made me feel badly for having release day anxiety.

One author actually mentioned that she suffers from post-book-release-depression (PBRD). This was a new one for me but two-weeks after the release of HEAT, I feel it coming on. Did I mention that I’m also empathetic? Or you could insert the word “hypochondriac” if you’re bundled up in your warm clothes while I’m standing here naked. Just please don’t tell me you have a headache or a slow steady throb will descend.

While I’m pulling on a pair of socks, tell me what causes your heart to beat double time, your “I’ll kill if I don’t eat chocolate” to spike, or full out sweaty armpit panic. I shared my fear, so please share yours.

If you want me to put my clothes on before I head out to a crowded public location, please consider leaving a review for HEAT. Or just a star rating on Goodreads. Click here  for the Goodreads link. To put on clothes, I need some love (hmm, maybe I have that backwards).

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2 thoughts on “Walking Naked in a Clothed World

  1. I have run across this twice now in your books
    One BAWLS their eyes out.
    They do not BALL their eyes out unless they have so much sex that…. Well, you get the idea.
    I like your stories, by the way!

    1. *head desk* You know I write sports stories and that is the only horrible excuse I can come up with. The tag for those is, “It’s all about the boys and their balls. I’ll change that balls to bawls so everything evens out. All joking aside… thank you and I’ll add this to my final search list before publishing!

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