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This special scene is to ease you into the new Mafia Academy series which releases in 2022. It's short but enjoy.

I rolled over and yawned, my arms coming from beneath the soft white cotton of the bedding and bumped the hard body next to me. Moon’s hand went into my hair and he moved his leg between mine and something very hard hit my belly making me smile. The smile lasted a few seconds before I covered my hand and jumped from the bed trying to get to the toilet before I lost the contents of my stomach. Yep, that was sexy. 

This time the hand in my hair pulled it back away from my face while I heaved my guts. He didn’t say anything and just waited for me to finish. It was horrible and at the same time endearing because I loved him so much. I stood and leaned back against his body. 

“Crawl back into bed and I’ll grab tea and crackers,” Moon said gently.

I wanted to bitch and moan about the morning sickness but held it in. When I had my shoulder injury that took me from my career as a cop, I had a small amount of control. I could do my physical therapy and ice as needed and it worked. There was no controlling morning sickness that came in the morning, afternoon, and night. It had been a month now with no relief. I felt like the biggest baby on the planet.

Moon turned me toward the sink, his arms still around me as I picked up my toothbrush and gobbed paste on it. The minty flavor actually helped which was dumb. Everything about being pregnant was dumb. I looked up in the mirror and met Moon’s eyes after spitting.

“Morning sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” I said lightly, feeling better now that my guts were empty. His arms tightened and he nuzzled my neck. His smile was something that few people saw but I was the lucky one who received most of them. He smiled now, his teeth flashing with a glint in his eyes. 

“They say at some point during pregnancy, you won’t be able to get enough of me.” I wiggled my ass and wanted to jump back into bed and start over but knew the tea and crackers had to come first or I would be heaving my insides out within a short time. Moon knew it too and released me.

We sat cross legged in bed while I munched. 

“I’m taking the position,” he said. I knew he would and simply smiled. “The weather will be a huge change,” he said doubtfully still trying to turn away from what he knew was a good thing.

“It will be cold and I already told you I was okay with it.” 

We didn’t need to worry about money. Safety was something else. Moon had contacted one of his connections within the mafia. They had offered him the position. It guaranteed our safety from all mafia  around the world and anyone else who threatened us. Moon’s old rivals could never touch us. We wouldn’t need guards and could go about unprotected. As a future mom, it appealed to me.

We finished our small breakfast which Moon nibbled on too. “What about if I washed mom and baby in the shower?” he asked with that look in his eyes that I always craved.

“Sounds heavenly.” My belly was barely showing and when I wasn’t puking my guts up, the sex was wonderful. Moon got creative when my morning sickness hadn’t subsided. He’d added tea and crackers and more shower sex than I’d ever dreamed of.

We stepped beneath the warm spray and he began washing me tenderly while I played with him.

“This will go rather quickly if you keep that up,” he said gruffly. “You must be getting old.” His hand found that special place between my thighs and he pinched gently. I went to my toes.

“I’ll show you old.” We had so much in front of us. The birth of our first child, a new location, and a new life. He was giving up more than I was but I’d never seen him happier. I looked into his eyes before sliding to my knees and taking him in my mouth.

I loved this man and that was all that mattered.

Moon returns as Mr. Xavier in Alessandro: Mafia Academy

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