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I wrote Crimson Warrior for a box-set I was part of with an incredible group of authors.  It's always been a favorite.



Crimson Warrior

Chapter One


“What are you willing to do for your country, Command Sergeant Myers?”

The question threw me. What wasn’t I willing to do?

I’d been fighting in this damn war since it started and I wasn’t about to stop now. I stood in the General’s makeshift office next to my commanding officer, Major Vic. Vic obviously knew why I was here, but he hadn’t offered up a clue. Normal for a fucking officer and quite normal for a Sergeant to get fucked. Something was going on that I wouldn’t like but that’s the military for you.

“Take a seat.” The General nodded to a chair while the tent’s sides billowed from a strong desert breeze that did nothing to cool down the interior.

Yep, wouldn’t like this at all. I took the offered seat.

Dressed in camouflage BDUs, my brown hair pulled back tightly in a bun, I’d removed my camo-cap from my head when I’d entered. I wasn’t comfortable in the least. I’d need a couple shots of tequila to get me to that point. Vic took the other seat while looking anywhere but at yours truly.

Fucking prick, I was trying to remember why I liked him.

“Command Sergeant Myers, we have a situation.”

The military always had a situation but they rarely involved me without my men. I knew this wasn’t another deployment because my orders always came straight from Vic. He dealt with the uppity ups, and me and my men killed the enemy. I liked it that way.

The general stayed silent for a minute. I guess he wanted to let my tension level rise higher. The man needed to just fucking spit it out. I wasn’t good at dealing with the brass and I couldn’t stand a pussy. The General qualified for both titles.

His face flushed slightly before he cleared his throat… again. “How do you feel about sex?”

He rushed the words together and I had to blink a few times to give myself calculating room. You know—one plus one equals five million. Holy shit. A general, in the US military, asked me about sex. Oh, the fun I could have with this but that wouldn’t get me the promotion they passed me over for six months ago.

Decisions, decisions.

I had a sensual voice when I wanted to use it and now seemed like a good time, “I like sex very much General, Sir.” I’d chosen the middle—enticing tone but respectful. I wanted that damn promotion.

Now it was Vic’s turn to clear his throat. He’d never treated me differently than any other military personnel. He didn’t watch his language or pull his punches, so I hoped like fuck he would give me the straight up.

“May I General? I’ve known Command Sergeant Myers for years and I know she prefers plain speaking.”

Vic was right. I’m the plain speaking, get the job done, don’t fuck up or I’ll kick your ass Army chick.

“Yes, Major Vic, please.” I couldn’t miss the relief on the General’s face. Pussy!


What the hell! Vic used my first name!

My startled gaze focused on him.

“We’re at war.” He let the words hang like he was saying something I didn’t know. “This is a war we can’t afford to lose but our losses have been almost catastrophic. The U.S. government, hell any government could never have dreamed what we’re up against.”

I’d had enough. I fought in this war, my friends died in it. If Vic could call me by my first name in front of the general, he could lay it out there and put me out of my misery.

“Spit it out Vic.”

Relief made his shoulders slope just a fraction. He didn’t take his gaze from mine. “We have a prisoner um, err… guest, who could change the course of this war. He’s a vampire.”

My hands tightened into fists.

“He claims to be on our side.”

I couldn’t help myself. “That’s bullshit, Sir.”

His intense gaze didn’t release mine. “Maybe but we don’t think so. We face an enemy who doesn’t die easily or live by any rules we’ve ever seen in modern day warfare. These werewolves or whatever the hell they are, aren’t human. This man—vampire is different. He says there are more like him and they’re willing to help. He told us we’ll all be dead within three months without his people and we believe he’s giving an accurate account of our complete annihilation.”

Holy hell. When we faced the werewolves, they seemed unstoppable and our losses mounted higher and higher. We called them werewolves but really, they were more a hybrid cross between a wolf and man. They could run as fast on two legs as on four and they were stronger than shit with three-inch fangs that ripped just about everything to shreds. Human flesh or even military armor didn’t have a chance. If you weren’t torn part immediately, their saliva held a poison we couldn’t combat and you died within forty-eight hours.

They also didn’t think like animals. They had the eastern United States under siege. Our last solid stronghold was the western U.S. and we’d been funneling civilians out of the war-torn states for months. We’d been ambushed repeatedly and if our troops survived the attack, the werewolves were impossible to track. They just disappeared whenever we got the upper hand, which wasn’t often. It took a dozen bullets to take one out and that was only if we concentrated on shooting them in the head and chest. When they were finally down for the count, they turned to dust. But no matter how many we killed, they kept coming.

I’d known it was bad, but three months? Chills ran down my spine and my muscles tightened with dread. Not of dying; I wasn’t afraid to die, but I had a baby sister in California with my parents and a brother fighting a few hundred miles away. I was afraid for them. Things had been bad for a few years but… three months.

I took the sex kitten out of my voice, “What do you need me to do?” Shit, I knew the answer. Vampire—blood. Oh and they’d asked me about sex. Heat traveled into my cheeks.

Now Vic’s eyes turned sympathetic. “We’ve tried two prostitutes but he’s turned them down. He demands a warrior and, before you get your hopes up, he’s not gay.”

Were there gay vampires? I’d never thought about it. Why my brain was going there, I didn’t know. The military’s motto since the war went to hell is… we don’t fucking care just get your ass out there in combat. Amazing how fighting for your life equalized sexual preference and sexual equality. Women were now on the front line dying next to their brothers. I was a command sergeant of an elite fighting unit and yes, I’d call myself a warrior. I didn’t think it was the time to be impressed with my status though.

I looked at Vic, reading sadness and desperation on his face.

Up until now, we knew very little about vampires. Weres killed humans. Humans fought back and fucking died. We suspected vamps helped the weres but we had no proof. What we did know was that vamps used sex to entice blood donors. My brother’s ex-girlfriend told me it was the most incredible orgasm of her life. I’d been shocked she’d admitted banging a bloodsucker but who was I to judge. Our new world was a different place—filled with monsters of which we had no understanding.

What was I willing to do for my country?

Fuck a vampire.

“Where’s he being held?” Proudly, my voice didn’t quiver. I was all business.

The General decided to man up, “That’s classified but you’ll be transported there and know soon enough.”

Well, fuck me. I knew I could push it and the General would spill the beans. They needed me to spread my legs too badly but I really didn’t give a shit where the vamp was. “Is his room monitored?”

The General’s face grew just a touch redder, “Of course.”

It was time to give my demands. “Get rid of the cameras, Sir. I’m not fucking or giving a blood donation for the benefit of a room full of military pervs. They can get their jollies another way.”

“You’ll do it?” Vic asked.

I stood up from my chair and looked back and forth between the two men. “You knew I fucking would, but with all due respect, I want my next promotion before the three month deadline. I don’t have the confidence in my sexual prowess that both of you seem to have. If you decide you want the vamps balls on a platter then I can guaranfuckingtee that I’m your girl. I’m good in the sack but I don’t know if I’m save the world good.”

The General didn’t blink an eye at my statement but the blood drained from his face. He opened a dark blue velvet box on the side of his desk. It rested among a clutter of papers that kept me from noticing it when I walked into the tent. Inside were gold bars. He handed the box to Major Vic who stood and turned to me.

“Captain Myers, it’s my honor to promote you.”

I wish I felt the honor. In less than ten minutes, I’d moved up nine pay grades and all because I was getting fucked.

Chapter Two


Twenty-four hours was my reprieve.

I was currently taking my fifth or sixth shot of rotgut tequila at the canteen, which was really nothing more than a large tent with tables, chairs, and unending alcohol. As of an hour ago, I qualified for the officers club but really… why would I want to sit around with a bunch of uptight pricks and drink my last night of unfucked freedom away?

“So, Cap’n? Whatcha gonna do the next time I tell you to shut your cock trap?” This came from Wiggs, a very drunk Wiggs but I actually preferred him this way.

Having bars meant nothing to these guys and I loved it. They cared about kill count. My unit had no idea what it took for me to get the bars on my shoulders and I was under strict orders to keep my cock trap shut.

“You know Wiggs, I’m gonna miss your cock. I keep hoping it will be bigger than a willy worm if I ever decide to grant it privileges.” Hell, even I could tell my voice was slurring all over the place but the team seemed to find me funny.

They slapped Wiggs on the back as he stumbled off to parts unknown.

Selma, Corporal Selma Thane, our munitions expert, sat down beside me putting her arm across my shoulders. “You okay, Kells?”

I looked into my glass before tossing it back. What could I say?

She squeezed a little tighter and tears came to my eyes. It had to be the fucking alcohol. My lack of emotion was one of my best traits.

“Got my bars Sel, got my fucking bars.”

That was the last thing I remembered. I woke up puking over the side of my cot, my hair out of its standard bun and splattered in upchuck backwash jumping off the canvas floor.

“Uhhh, fuck.”

I finally quit spilling the contents of my stomach and progressed to dry-heaves. When that stopped, I rolled over with a moan, placing my arm across my eyes. The muted light coming from outside my tent created lightning rods of pain streaking through my brain.

I’d tried to drink myself to death but obviously, it didn’t work. I looked at my watch. In two hours, a plane was taking me to the vamp’s location. Forcing myself to sit up, I sidestepped my puke, reached for my cap, and pulled the bill low over my eyes. I needed a shower. I scrounged for something clean to wear but wasn’t sure if what I grabbed qualified. I made it to a makeshift shower, pulled the canvas flap closed and turned on the cold water. There was no need for warmth in the desert. We took showers to cool down and rinse the never-ending dust off our asses. I lathered my rationed soap determined to use it all because Vic told me anything I needed would be supplied once I met my vampire fuck toy.

I shut off the water, pulled my clothes over my wet body, slipped my feet into flip-flops, and made my way back to my tent.


Two mud puppies stood outside the entrance. I knew Vic and the General sent the military police to escort me. It wasn’t a bad idea but it still pissed me off. I’d agreed to their shit offer and got two guards for my trouble.

“Are you supposed to be keeping me in my tent or just following me?”

They snapped to attention. “No Ma’am.”

Funny shit that. They treated me like the Captain my bars said I was.

“What exactly are your orders?”

The one on the right spoke up, “We’re here to see you have whatever you need Ma’am. Major Vic said you didn’t need to pack anything but personal items. We are to carry your duffel to the runway.”

That was mighty helpful of Vic—my ass.

I entered my tent and tried to remain upright when the smell of vomit hit me. Fuck it, someone else could clean it up or burn the damn thing down as far as I was concerned. I grabbed my bag, pulled my cap low, and went back outside.

“I’ll take that Ma’am.”

“I’ll carry my own shit thank you very much, just lead the way.”

They didn’t argue.

Forty-five minutes later, my plane taxied off the runway. The pilot said we’d be in the air for two hours. I tipped my seat back as far as it would go, ignored Vic who was sitting across the aisle from me, and shut my eyes. Fucking tequila was never passing my lips again.

“Kelly, you need to wake up.”

I managed to peel my eyes open. Crouched down beside my seat, Vic pushed on my arm causing major irritation to my hangover brain. The rumble of jet engines let me know we were still in the air.

“Are we there yet, daddy?”

“Cut the shit, Kells, I need to talk to you before we arrive. I’ve let you sleep for over an hour and time’s running out.”

He didn’t scare me but I figured I should listen. I’d never fucked a vampire before and maybe he had some insight. “Talk.”

“This guy could save us all.”

“It… is not a guy. Does the vampire have a name?”


Laughter bubbled up from my chest. “He sounds like he walked out of the pages of some romance novel.”

Vic smirked. “I don’t think you’ll be unhappy that he looks the part, too.”

“Please don’t patronize me. I’m spreading my legs for a bloodsucker in the name of God and country. I’m curious. If he was gay, would you be spreading your ass cheeks?”

The lines across Vic’s forehead deepened. “They’re going to win, Kelly. We’ve all but lost the war. You have family and so do I. Yes, I would spread my ass cheeks if I could save us.”

My stomach flipped and it wasn’t because of my drinking binge the night before.

“You think he’ll help if he has a warrior piece of ass along with some military blood?”

Vic pushed a few stray pieces of hair behind my ear. It startled me and so did his words.

“If anyone can get the vamps on our side it’s you. I’ve watched you climb the chain of command for years. I’ve seen you fight and kick ass. I’ve seen you kill. You don’t do it because it fills some inner need for blood. You kill because it’s part of your job and because you’re damn good at it. I recommended you for this because I don’t know a stronger man or woman in the military. You’ll come through and kick ass on the other side as a Captain. Hell, you’ll outrank me within a few years. We need you, Kells.”

I fucking needed tequila.

Chapter Three


They held Talon at a goddamn resort and gave him the presidential suite. More than a hundred heavily armed military personnel surrounding the property acting as guards for what I assumed was only one vampire. What a life. Vic showed me to a small room after giving me orders to shower and change into the dress they provided.

A goddamn dress.

It had been two years since I’d worn even a military skirt and this dress was nothing more than a tight piece of black gauze. I hadn’t taken my backpack into the bathroom with me and when I came out it was gone. Wrapped in a towel, I looked at the dress again. There was no fucking underwear or bra. But there was a pair of four-inch stiletto heels. I was five-eight. I hoped this vampire ass wipe was tall.

Well, maybe not. It might be somewhat nice to look down on him.

My stolen bag held hair ties too. It was funny that having my hair down made me feel more naked than the dress. Ten minutes later, I was as ready as I’d ever be. I’d used the built-in bathroom hairdryer so my hair was wavy and untamable. No makeup, no perfume, no underclothes. I guess it was time to get fucked.

Vic stood alone outside my door. “I’m walking you to his room.”

Embarrassment sent a flood of heat to my face. I’d rather have someone I didn’t know deliver me to my sexual depravity. Pushing my shoulders back, I nodded my head. There was no way in hell I could speak.

We took the elevator to the top floor. The doors opened into a foyer. There was one set of ornate double doors in front of us.

“The cameras were removed?” I whispered without looking at Vic.

“Yes, I promise. Be careful, Kells.”

I shouldn’t have gazed at him but I couldn’t help myself. For a split second, I saw his look of pity.

“Fuck you, Vic.” All bravado, that’s me.

He ignored my words. Gesturing for me to enter first, he opened the door after two short knocks. I stepped into a huge foyer that my military budget would never afford and this was only the entrance. I’d have eyed more of the luxurious surroundings if my new fuck buddy wasn’t standing five feet away. I think my heart literally stopped beating.

Oh my fucking hell.

Talon looked like a god straight from Greek mythology. He wore casual clothes that didn’t come close to passing as casual on his perfect physique. A vision of tight jeans, black t-shirt that defined his sculpted muscles and sexy bare feet stood before me. Short hair but not a military cut, hair you could grab. His face was just manly enough to keep him from being pretty. I hoped I wasn’t drooling.

“I thought she would have short hair.” The vampire barely glanced at my near naked body. “I can smell the putrid odor of alcohol coming from her pores.”

Yep, Greek mythology all right—Hades.

I was all too happy not to meet his requirements and I damn sure wasn’t going to listen to him say I smelled bad without sharing my own feelings. “When you filled out the fucking acquisition form did you specify short hair and no alcohol or do you expect us humans to read your mind?”

He stalked forward and it took everything I had to hold my ground. I saw Vic out of the corner of my eye as he took a step back. Chicken shit!

Even in the heels, I had to look up. His eyes were dark brown but his skin was a light bronze. I’d expected pasty white. But this close, it was his lips that caught my attention. The nearer he got, the more I wanted them on my mouth. He had full—heart stopping—fuckable lips. The upper one curved perfectly, the lower—soft and sultry, made me want to bite down then suck it into my mouth.

He stopped mere inches away. His head tipped as he ran his nose against my neck. I heard him inhale. He fucking sniffed me. And I couldn’t think straight because I could smell him. I’d expected death or even the metallic odor of blood. What I got was the most potent pheromone of all time. Sex on a stick wouldn’t smell this good. I was afraid my eyes crossed.

“Get out.”

What? My eyes flew open.

He was looking over my shoulder and I heard the door close behind me. Vic fucking left me with the vampire. I tried to step back but he grabbed my hair at the nape of my neck; holding me in place.

He purred against my skin. “Long hair has its uses.”

Heat traveled downward, my thighs clenched, and I was fully conscious I had nothing between my legs to absorb the wet release from my pussy.

His whisper sent shivers across my skin, “Past the alcohol, I smell your arousal. It’s calling my name, as does your blood.”

His hand ran over my arm, fingers trailing the sculpted outline of muscle. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. Every nerve I possessed craved his touch, vibrated with need and screamed for more.

More him, more burn between my thighs, just—more.

One hand remained in my hair; the other tipped my chin up so I looked into his eyes. “I’m hungry but I don’t think I can ignore the alcohol.” He sniffed me again. “I have one question. Are you here willingly?”

“What?” I couldn’t have heard him correctly. What the fuck did willing have to do with this?

“Are. You. Willing?” This time he asked slowly.

I tried to shake my head but his grasp was too firm. The haze that clouded my brain since entering the room dissipated slightly. “What does willing have to do with anything?”

His eyes penetrated straight through me. I could feel them dissecting my brain, seeking answers that I was unable to give. “It has everything to do with everything.”

The sudden release of my hair and chin had me stumbling back. Grabbing my arm to steady me, he looked down at my shoes. Dropping to one knee, he slipped them from my feet and my hands landed on his shoulders before I could stop myself. Once I stood barefoot, his face traveled up my leg, scenting me again. My dress lifted slightly when he reached the hem. His nose carried the material up just a bit until he stopped at the juncture of my thighs. His hands went to my ass as he pulled me against his face. I arched my back grinding myself even closer.

What the fuck was happening to me?

“Are you hungry?”

I looked down. His chocolate eyes were gazing into mine. The slow curve of his lips gave him the most kissable mouth I’d ever seen. He released my ass and stood in one fluid move. He repeated the question and finally my brain decided it could function. I hadn’t eaten since before my drunk-fest the night before. Maybe that’s what was wrong with me.

“I’m starving.”

My brain said sex before food but at that moment, my stomach gave a very unladylike grumble.

“Sit down on the couch and I’ll bring you the phone so you can order whatever you want.”

The haze cleared a little more. “Why?”

“Because we need to get the alcohol out of your system so I can eat. It’s been several days for me and I’m cranky when I’m hungry.” His sexy grin made me want to bite his lower lip.

He took my hand leading me to the couch. I sat, the action making my dress rise indecently high. Tugging down the hem, I squirmed just a bit to adjust the scrap of nothing. I blushed and his grin turned into a leering smirk.

“Your pussy will blush perfectly for me when I feed.”

Oh hell, what the fuck was he talking about? In the entire time since I’d walked into the room, I didn’t think I’d said more than ten words. He stepped away, picking up a house phone from the corner table and carried it closer. My brain’s paralysis melted a little more.

“Are you doing this to me?”

His smile remained. “Doing what?”

I covered my face so I couldn’t see him, my cold hands pressing against my cheeks actually made it easier to think.

“You’re doing something to me. You’re causing me to desire you when I shouldn’t. How the hell are you doing it?”

He ignored my distress. “I asked you a question earlier. Are. You. Willing?”

Chapter Four


My anger flashed. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t willing.”

His lips tightened and his grin disappeared, his eyes going almost black. “The prostitutes didn’t feel the same way. Neither of them could stop shaking long enough to utter a word. One even cried when I scented her.”

“You made a prostitute cry?” Of all the things to say, could anything dumber come out of my mouth?

His head went back and his neck stretched enticingly as he laughed. I clenched my thighs tighter trying to stop the next flood of liquid. Was there nothing about this man that wasn’t sexy?

Vampire. He was a vampire, not a man and I had to hold onto that thought.

“Make your call little warrior.” The phone plopped into my lap.

He did not just call me little. My stomach growled loudly and he laughed again. “You can debate me after you eat. You’ll feel better. Order several bottles of water, that’s all you’ll be drinking.”

I wanted to argue but I’d agreed to this. I was his human blood bank and if he needed the alcohol out of my system, I needed to drink water. Would he be able to taste what I ate? I didn’t want a fucking salad, I craved steak.

“You’ll need red meat.”

Shit, I think he was reading my mind. I pressed zero and spoke to a woman. I ordered steak, baked potato, and a salad. When asked if I wanted dessert, I added chocolate cake. I’d lived off tasteless MRE’s for more than a year and I was absolutely starving. For food, I reminded myself. Just food.

After replacing the phone, Talon sat down in the chair a few feet away.

“Tell me about yourself.” Could he sound any sexier?

Vic and I had discussed it on the plane—what I could and could not say. I was very careful with my story and had no trouble lying through my teeth. “I work for the military doing bullshit. The frontline wasn’t for me but I run a good supply train.” I spoke with just the right touch of sarcasm for a military gofer. Damn I didn’t know I could act so well.

In less than three seconds, his eyes turned midnight black. He leaned forward taking up space… my space. His voice was no longer sexy and anger dripped with each word, “Try. Again. If you can’t tell me the truth, keep your mouth shut.”

I had to bite my lower lip so I wouldn’t tell him to fuck off.

Surprisingly, a few seconds later, his eyes softened and the anger left him as quickly as it appeared. “Is there anything you can tell me that’s the truth?” He’d taken my silence as me obeying his command.

Actually, I don’t know how he knew I lied unless he could read my mind. If that was the case, this entire mission was fucked. “My name, rank, and serial number.”

“Then start with your name.”

“Kelly Myers.”


Command Sergeant almost spilled out. “Captain.”

“Serial number?”

I began reciting but he waved his hand and I didn’t get past the first few numbers.

“How long have you been a captain?”

My brain scrambled, trying to think if answering could hurt this mission. “I’ll answer but I’d like to ask you a few questions, too?”

“Weren’t you trained that pillow talk is the best time to gain enemy secrets?” His sex voice was better than mine.

A small laugh escaped my throat. Vic mentioned pillow talk and I thought it was lame. Now I knew it was. I stopped laughing suddenly and watched his expression closely. “Are you our enemy?”

He didn’t answer for several heartbeats and I thought maybe he was practicing the advice he’d given me. But then, the emotion in his eyes shocked me. “I don’t want to be.”

Why the fuck did I believe him? And what the hell did he mean?

There was a soft knock at the door and, as soon as Talon opened it, I smelled my dinner. The waiter looked me over and I knew he was checking my wellbeing. Since I’d woken up that morning, no one had given a shit about feeding me. If the vampire hadn’t insisted I order food, I might have starved to death by morning. The fact that I was supposed to give him blood and fuck him said exactly what the brass thought of me.

Damn, I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself.

The waiter left and Talon moved the plates off the cart onto the formal dining table. The suite was huge with a living area, full bar, formal dining and from what I could see, two bedrooms. I walked over and sat in front of the meal. The vampire thankfully took the chair across the table so several feet separated us.

I lifted the lid and dug immediately into the steak and potatoes. They melted in my mouth. He watched me with his sexy half-grin that didn’t show teeth. I began feeling uncomfortable.

“Would you like some?” I stopped eating long enough to ask.

This time he grinned full out, white teeth flashing, no sign of fangs. “Drink your water.”

Now that I’d taken the edge off my hunger, I had no problem starting and finishing a bottle of water. I moved the plate covering my salad closer. A few bites later, I switched back to the steak.

After swallowing the last bite, I looked across the table. “Do you eat any food?”

He blinked, his incredibly long eyelashes falling over his eyes before they caught me in their spell again. “No, but I’ll have a glass of wine now and then.”

“And wine tastes better than tequila?” Could my voice sound dreamier than a lovesick teenager? I didn’t fucking think so and every few minutes, I’d catch him staring at the pulse at my throat. It was likely a moan would pass my lips and then I would just need to shoot myself.

“In my opinion yes, but it took me a while to enjoy the taste of wine again.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. My fucking thoughts had wandered.

Wine… tequila… oh yeah.

“How old are you?” I asked before I thought too hard.

“If I tell you I’ll need to kill you.”

His slight grin was back and I sincerely hoped he was teasing. But, he never answered my question.

“You need to rest.”

I looked over at the window; the sun just starting to go down.

“It can’t be later than six.” My voice was back to doing the dreamy shit.

He leaned forward placing his chin on the back of his folded hands. “I need you well rested.”

God, his eyes. Small gold flakes sparkled within the brown. It must be an illusion.

Truthfully, I was exhausted. I’d never done well after a night of drinking and today was no exception. “Where do you want me sleeping?”

“We’ll use your room.”

“We?” I squeaked like an idiot.

“I’d like to rest too. I’m not usually awake during the day and I need my beauty sleep.”

This was the kind of information Vic wanted me to discover. “But you can be up in daylight? Does the sun burn your skin?”

His lips did their tightening thing. He knew I was fishing for information.

“No, the sun doesn’t burn but I’m not at my strongest when it’s up.”

He’d given me the info anyway, knowing I’d include it in my report.

“So Hollywood got the sun thing wrong. What about wooden stakes?”

“Ouch.” His grin almost had me grinning back.

I waited but he said nothing else. I drank more water, realizing when I put it down that I needed to use the bathroom. “I need the latrine.” I’d been around guys too long to beat around the bush but Talon just gave me a quizzical cock of his eyebrow.

“The bathroom, I need to pee.”

He stood; that damn smirk back on his face. “By all means and next time I’ll know what a latrine is.”

Where the hell had he been for the last few years?

Chapter Five


He led me to the private bathroom in the room that I assumed was mine. The bed drew my attention on the way. It was high off the floor on some type of stand so I guessed only tall people used this presidential suite. I washed my hands after doing my business and noticed a packaged toothbrush with toothpaste on the counter. The thought of a vampire brushing his teeth made me giggle. I didn’t giggle, ever, but this was too much. This, everything, was too much and my nerves were shot. I brushed my teeth, took a last look in the mirror, and opened the door.

Talon sat on the end of the bed with his shirt off. Holy SNAFU. He had the most fuckable body I’d ever seen. His tight shirt hadn’t come close to doing him justice. I was around military guys every day; their bodies ripped and bulging, but this was different. I was back to thinking he was a god. A tribal tattoo covered his pectoral muscles and swooped up his shoulders branching out over his deltoids. He had no chest hair making the definition between each muscle even more pronounced. They rippled; the tat seemed almost alive when he raised his hand, palm up, beckoning me closer.

Some force I had no control over drew me to the bed, to him. I lifted my hand and placed it in his—palm to palm. I expected cold but what I got was an intense heat that sizzled between our flesh. With a sudden jerk I wasn’t expecting, he pulled me between his jean-encased thighs.

If I tipped my mouth down, I could lick his nipples. His pierced nipples. He had silver bars that I wanted to tug with my lips. I didn’t realize he’d dropped my hand until his fingers skimmed over my hips as he lifted the hem of my dress.

This was it.

I made myself relax. There were worse things than having sex with this man.

Fuck, I did it again… this vampire.

I lifted my arms when the material was past my waist. He pulled it off slowly then let it drop to the floor. I was completely naked. His hands settled on my ass, pulling me just a little closer.

“Taste me.” He said on a groan at the same time his fingers tightened almost to the point of pain.

I leaned down, circling his nipple with my tongue.

Fuck. It was only the tip of my tongue but he tasted so fucking good. Ambrosia was what the gods called it. Now, I understood why.

My lips closed around his nipple, my tongue stroking the bar.


The guttural sound he made had me looking up. His chin tipped down, letting me see the gold sparks in his eyes.

“Bite.” He ground out.

He was reading my mind again because I wanted to, so badly. He didn’t need to ask twice. Carefully grabbing the metal bar between my teeth, I pulled outward, extending his nipple, while flicking my tongue across the tip. I could feel his hands moving up and around, smoothing over my skin until he cupped the underside of my breasts.

I moved to his other nipple. Dipping my tongue against his skin and teasing before I repeated the erotic pull. His thumbs rubbed over my areola, hardening my unpierced nipples. For the first time I wished they were. He lifted my breasts causing me to release his so he could put his mouth on my skin.

The stinging pain happened so quickly it took a moment for my brain to catch up with what he’d done and I flinched. He’d bitten me. He lifted his head and just a touch of fang flashed before he leaned in, closing his lips around my nipple again. He sucked it into his mouth making me go to my toes.

He lifted me off my feet with strong hands wrapped around my hips as he lay back on the bed, my nipple still in his mouth. My pelvis slid over his jeans, the folds of my pussy rubbing against the material. He moved his leg and I completely straddled his thigh so I was able to push against him.

The suction on my breast stopped and he pinched hard on the other nipple. It felt so damn good.

“I’m going to bite.”

Was he fucking kidding me? Just do it. I needed the sting.

I was ready this time and I pushed my pelvis harder against his leg, loving the pain at my breast, loving the fact that he understood what I needed. The bite traveled a straight path to my clit and I cried out, my fingers digging into his hair, pulling him closer all the while riding his thigh. My orgasm wasn’t mild or gentle—I went off like a rocket; the pulses centering at my pussy spiraling outward.

Fuck! This man knew his fucking foreplay.

I was breathing hard and barely aware when he rolled and lifted my arms up over my head. The snapping of cuffs brought me out of my sex induced coma like a Navy seaman getting a mop handle rammed up his ass.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“You need to sleep.”

I pulled at the cuffs but he grabbed my arm. “I need to double lock them so they don’t cut off your circulation.”

“Don’t fucking worry about my circulation; just get these fucking things off of me.”

“Do all human females warriors have the penchant for foul language the way you do?”

My gaze snapped to his. “You’re fucking kidding me, right? I’m fucking naked in a bloodsucker’s bed, handcuffed to the headboard, and you want to discuss my penfuckingchant for foul language?”

“Are there mute female warriors?” He had the audacity to arch his eyebrows.

I lost it. If all I had were my legs, I would damn well use them. I kicked out with one while flipping over and bringing the other under me so I could gain some leverage. I connected with his shin causing a small grunt from him but he grabbed my opposite ankle and pulled it out from under me so I was flat on my stomach. One of his hands pushed hard against the middle of my back while the other grabbed the hair at my nape, pulling up and sideways so I was looking at him.

His grin flashed; showing razor sharp canines. “Go. To. Sleep.”

Instantly, a haze shimmied through my brain. “You drugged m…”

Chapter Six


Oh God, it felt so good. Warm fingers dug into my arms and shoulders, massaging my tight muscles, turning them liquid.

Wait! A jingling sound made me pay attention to my surroundings. Steel encased my wrists. I jerked, trying to free myself.

“Hold still.”

He dug in a little harder, pushing a small knot below the surface of my skin at my trapezius.

My mind was no longer cloudy but I didn’t understand. “Why are you doing this?”

“I know your arms and shoulders are sore.”

I shifted a little, squinting from the shining lamp until I could see him. His chest was still bare and his jeans remained on. “I’m not going anywhere. I agreed to be your fuck bunny and midnight snack. There was no reason to chain me to the bed or, for that matter, to drug me. Was it in the water?”

He moved a section of hair from my face, placing it gently behind my ear.

“I didn’t give you a drug; my system wouldn’t enjoy the taste. I used a bit of mind control. As far as chaining you to the bed, this is what I want.” His hands smoothed across my skin burning a path straight to my clit. “I let you have your fun last night but this is how I like mine.”

Shit, I was in bed with a kinky vampire.

His fingers continued to graze my flesh, the burn intensifying, my need growing with every heated touch. My body and brain were at war as I arched into his caress. I shouldn’t want this but fuck, I needed it.

“I must feed.” His words threw ice water on my foggy libido.

“Oh, okay. I’m not stopping you.” I just wanted him to get back to the sex part as quickly as possible. Pure undeniable lust was pulsing between my legs.

“Do you give your blood freely, little warrior?”

He didn’t stop touching me and how the hell could I say no? The prick of his teeth last night gave me the best orgasm of my life. I moved my head back, displaying my neck, giving him room to gnaw on my throat.

“Tsk, tsk. I have a better place in mind.”

His mouth took over where his hands left off. Kissing bites on my skin made my clit zing with powerful throbs. Pheromones leaked from his pores; I could smell him and I so badly wanted to lick his skin especially the part of him still encased in jeans. I needed him inside me, rubbing across my sweet spot, burying himself so deep he’d lose his way and never be able to stop fucking me.

His head moved lower and my thighs tightened before going lax as his hands separated my legs. I couldn’t remember what we’d talked about moments before, I couldn’t form a single thought past the burning need for his mouth.

His tongue ran through my folds scorching every centimeter of needy flesh. All the blood in my body rushed to my pussy, pooling in the most delicious way. He took my clit between his teeth… teasing. For a minute, I expected the sharp graze of fangs to pierce me but then he sucked my clit hard, his lower lip enticing my center. He slipped two fingers inside, stroking in and out. My hips rose from the bed and if my hands had been free, they’d be in his hair pulling him closer.

His ruthless assault sent my orgasm bursting through my body and I barely felt the bite of his teeth into the large vein at my groin. The pull of blood made the sexual pulses intensify and I knew if sex could kill, I was a dead woman.

And, a happy one.

The sleepy after sex lull had my head falling back against the pillows while my body turned to mush. My lips formed a goofy grin. Fuck me; this man was the ultimate sex god.

I mumbled because it was all I was capable of, “Do you ever do good old fashioned fucking? Not that I’m complaining, just wondering?”

He laughed in that low sexy way while releasing my wrists from the cuffs. He started massaging me again and it was a fight to open my eyes.

“We’ll get around to the good old fashioned way but first I want to fuck your mouth and feel your lips and tongue on my cock.”

He rose from the bed and unsnapped the top of his jeans, lowering the zipper; the rasp so fucking sexy I almost came again. His erect cock spilled out. My vamp went commando and I needed to get him into a pair of camo BDUs and fulfill one of my favorite fantasies. But right now, it was all about his cock.

Saliva pooled in my mouth as his pants hit the floor. He grabbed my hips pulling me to the edge of the bed, helping me sit up so my legs straddled his outer thighs. Perfect. He was right where he needed to be and perfect because he was beauty personified. His pierced cock jutted up past his abs and the sight made my pussy gush with more fluid than I thought possible.

I took a minute to admire his cock. He had two piercings; one a Prince Albert, and the other, a ring under the head passing through the skin at the seam. I wanted that ring inside my pussy but all good things have a place and time. Right now, it was time to taste.

I trailed my fingers down his abs, following his oh so kissable V. He was hairless. I’d never given head to a guy with no hair down there. Trimmed yes, but baby smooth, no. I needed to ask him about his esthetician. He hadn’t grumbled at my short-cropped nether hair but shit, I was willing to go full Brazilian if it would turn him on the way he turned me on. The PA begged for a not so gentle tug. This man liked pain in all the right places.

I used my tongue and licked the tip of his cock, getting my first taste of the pearly pre cum awaiting my lips. The flavor was nothing short of mind blowing, almost sweet, unlike any guy I’d ever sucked. Ambrosia. Was it just him or were vampires made to be the perfect fuck toy?

I flicked the upper piercing with my tongue before using my lips to pull. Then I moved downward just slightly and flicked the ring. I was careful so the metal didn’t hit my teeth as I pushed his cock up against his stomach so I could lick the underside all the way to his balls. On the way back to the tip, I used my lips and small bits of suction.

“God, your teeth, I need your teeth.”

Yes, he was a biter and when I raked my teeth along his cock, I discovered I was, too—me the wannabe vampire. Using my lips, tongue and teeth, I tasted every inch before drawing him into my mouth. He was big and I wasn’t sure how much I could take. Up until now, he’d resisted touching me but suddenly his hands grasped my head, threading his fingers into my hair.

“Look at me,” he groaned.

I lifted my eyes, seeing pure need in his. The gold flakes were almost flashing and I swear they would have lit up the room if it were dark. He flexed his hips, sliding further into my mouth. I could feel the metal against my tongue. He tipped my head a little and went further before slowly drawing out.

“Hold tight to my hips, little warrior. I need to fuck you.”

Slow was no longer in his vocabulary. I gagged a few times but he didn’t stop. Relaxing my throat, I breathed through my nose when possible. My nails dug into his skin. He wasn’t gentle and neither was I. He thrust deep one last time, his cock pulsed, and that sugary taste slid down my throat. Fucking bottle it and sell that shit.

His eyes rolled back and a groan rumbled up from his chest. His lips parted and I could see his fully extended fangs. I wanted them again. I needed them deep in my flesh. Nothing was touching my pussy but suddenly it came alive and trembling waves of my own orgasm consumed me.

I would never waste my time fucking a human again.

Chapter Seven


Somehow, I ended up lying across his chest on the bed. I had no idea how I got there. “Did you zap me again with your laser drug?”

I liked hearing him laugh.

What the fuck was wrong with me? I had a mission. Information—numbers, location, potential for harm. I lost all sense of who I was when he was this close. I wiggled away, jumped from the bed looking around for my dress. He watched me with that slight smirk tilting his lips. The lips I wanted to kiss and the naked body that I wanted to fuck.

“We need to talk.” I desperately tugged the black sheath over my head, wiggling my hips as I pulled it as far down as it would go; which wasn’t far.

“Pillow talk, little warrior. You have forgotten your training.” His voice was a vibrator on steroids; a sultry blend of fuck me and kiss me, both at the same time.

“How do you do that?”

His grin widened. “Do what?” He sounded so innocent.

“There is something wrong with you and you make something happen to me just by opening your fucking brown eyes. You need to stop. I need to think.”

I watched him crawl from the bed with the sleek grace of a panther.

I needed to fuck him again.

I backed away. He stalked forward. My back hit the wall at the same time his hands came up and rested next to my head, his arms bulging from wrists to shoulders. The vein in his neck pulsed invitingly.

For just a moment, I wanted to rip it out, taste his hot blood, let it wash over me. I could almost smell the metallic scent; see the thick crimson liquid flow from his body.

“What? The fuck? Is wrong with me?” I shoved him back, which was like moving a two-ton brick wall. He didn’t budge an inch.

He tipped his head, whispering against my ear, his warm breath shimmering against my skin. “You’re okay, little warrior. If I don’t touch you again, the effects will wear off in a few hours.”

“Hours?” My voice was shrill.

“Yes; then we’ll talk.”

Me, a captain in the U.S. Army, one who kicked ass and took names, did something I hadn’t done in years. I cried.

His warm arms encircled me and my tears ran down his chest. I was asked by my country to fuck a vampire. Given a promotion for prostituting myself and told I would be a hero. What a fucking lie. They didn’t care about me. What would my parents say? My baby sister? I’d worked my entire career to earn respect and be treated like a soldier.

I couldn’t stop crying. When he finally picked me up and cradled me against his chest, my dress was on the floor somewhere in my bedroom. He carried me to his. It was more luxurious though blurry through my tears. He turned on the water of a giant Jacuzzi tub, using one hand, the other under my knees, my arms clasped around his neck. I kept my head buried against him as the bath filled. He didn’t say anything and I guessed I was no longer his little warrior.

Warriors didn’t cry.

They also didn’t need their noses blown but that’s exactly what I did when he put the tissue up to my face. He finally stepped in the water, released my legs, and pulled me down so I rested on top of him. Small trembling puffs of air came from my mouth every few seconds, the remnants of my crying jag. My eyes were still blurry but I could see his nipple ring and though I tried, I couldn’t fight the temptation to caress it with my finger.

He smoothed my hair and just held me for several minutes before he spoke, “Tell me something about yourself; something that won’t make a difference in our duty.”

I was feeling mellow and this question was exactly what I needed. “I’m addicted to cookie dough ice cream. I can eat half a gallon all by myself in two days. Tell me something about you.”

“I’ve never had cookie dough ice cream.”

I growled and his chest shook under my head when he laughed.

“I like your human jeans and t-shirts. I love the way they feel against my skin.”

“What about BDUs?”


“Battle Dress Uniform. You know; lots of pockets, camouflage to make you blend in with your surroundings, comfortable.”

“Never worn them but anything’s worth a try, once.”

“I have a fantasy about BDUs.”

I tilted my head back and looked at him. Damn, I could just eat his lips when he smiled.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

“Hmm, no underwear for starters.”

“I like it already.”

I tweaked his nipple. “No dummy, you don’t wear any, not me.”


“No shirt, but big black military boots, the kind that cover the bloused legs of the BDUs. The pants don’t zip; they button and ride low on your hips.”

I moved slightly to the side so I could touch his abs. “This,” I touched that muscular indent than ran on both sides of his stomach downward, trailing my fingers across the valley. “This is your kissable V and I love it.”

I continued with my fantasy, “While I lick my tongue down that kissable trail, I unbutton the top of the BDUs and then move to the next button. Your cock is stiff and pushes against the opening.” My voice had grown throaty as I watched his cock swell with my words. “I slowly undo another button and it’s enough to push your pants past your hips and down to the tops of your boots. Now your cock is mine.”

The second I took ahold of his cock, he grabbed my hand and removed it so I couldn’t touch him. I looked back up into his eyes seeing hot sizzling need. I gave him my best impish smile and he barked out a laugh that electrified my nerve endings.

“Tell me something else about yourself, little warrior.”

Shit, why did my heart speed up when he called me that? “I like to play soccer. Green, just cut grass is my favorite field.” I watched his eyes as I spoke. They were only half-open in a sleepy way but he listened. “I like working as a team and moving the ball downfield. There’s something about the rules; too—civilized in this very uncivilized world we live in. I want to play soccer on grass again before I die.”

He still held my hand and he gently pried my fingers open. He kissed my palm and tears pressed behind my eyes again. “Now it’s your turn.” I refused to cry and needed him to take my mind off green grass and doom.

“I want to father a child.”

Fuck. It was the last thing I expected him to say. “Can you?”

“No.” Absolute sadness vibrated in that one word.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered softly.

“Do you want children?”

I didn’t need to think about my answer. “Not during this war. I have a younger sister. I worry about her every day. My parents keep her wrapped in a tight cocoon but when I saw her last, she was afraid. She asked me if it hurt to die. No, I don’t want to bring a child into this world.”

He kissed my palm again and changed the subject, “How do you feel?”


“Are you having trouble keeping your hands off my body?”

The noise I made was half laugh, half groan. “Do all vampires have your ego?” I realized the overwhelming need I felt earlier to have his cock buried in my pussy was only wishful thinking and not a need so strong I couldn’t function.

“My body releases a chemical that attracts you.”

“You… you do make me feel that way.” Fuck, I’d known something was seriously wrong but I didn’t know he was drugging me for his own devious purposes. “You rape my mind to make me want sex?” I tried getting my knees beneath me so I could get out of the bath. Get as far away from him as possible.

He jerked my hair painfully. “You’re staying right where you are so we can talk. My pheromones only work if you’re attracted to me, tit for tat. I expected a shorthaired muscular she-man who would agree to be my snack while I was here and could discuss war and strategies without shaking in her boots. Believe me, sex would have only been a mutual side benefit if she was willing.”

It took a few minutes for his entire dialog to work its way through my brain. “They told me you wanted a woman for sex and blood.”

“Nothing was ever mentioned about sex.”

He’d seen my tears, now he saw my explosive temper. “Those motherfuckers. I had to agree to sex in order to get this gig. Those ass-wipes wanted pillow talk. After all the fucking years I’ve spent fighting my way to the top, I get a set of fucking Captain’s bars for fucking. I knew it, but it just didn’t compute.”

Chapter Eight


His hands soothed me on the outside but I seethed internally. I was once more against his chest, feeling his steady heartbeat under my cheek while he caressed my back.

“Are you ready for that pillow talk?”

Was he joking?

“There are things you need to know. Questions, I need to answer. There is much I cannot share with you but I can give you a little more than I planned.”

God, I wanted to trust him so badly but my training came into play when I thought about sharing military secrets. “You first.”

He didn’t hesitate, “You’re not killing the beasts you fight. They come from hell and each time one goes down in battle another is released.”

Holy fuck. My heart started beating rapidly. “Can we kill them?”


“Are you going to tell me how?”

“I want to.”

There it was. He didn’t want to be our enemy and he wanted to help us but that didn’t mean he could or would.

“What can you tell me?”

“What can you tell me?”

We were back to tit for tat and he wanted my tit. My thighs pressed together and I held back a groan. No more sexual connotations; zip—none.

“You’re not our guest. If you try to leave, they’ll stop you.” I shouldn’t have told him but I had to.

“They can’t keep me from leaving, little warrior. Don’t waste your time worrying about such.”

Was I worried? I guess so or I wouldn’t have told him.

“I’m not sure what to believe anymore but they told me you said we’ll lose this war in a matter of months.”

“That’s true.”

“If you help us, can we win?”


I decided I didn’t want to talk anymore. I didn’t want to think. “Can you release that sex scent again?”

He smiled; fangs and all. “Let’s get rinsed off first and then I’ll show you how to call it and release the scent.”

Wow. I might have some control over this?

We got out of the tub and stepped into the shower. He washed my entire body, including my hair. I loved every second his hands were on me.

I’d noticed the time when we entered his bedroom. It was four in the morning but I wasn’t tired. I perused his bed and noticed black straps at the corners.

I picked up the one at the lower corner of the mattress. “Kinky much?”

Hell, his eyes did that whole glow sparkly thing. “Only if you’re willing.”

I dropped my towel.

He eye fucked me slowly before walking to the dresser and picking up black nylon cuffs. He secured them on my wrists with one finger running along the inner veins sending goose bumps across my flesh.

“May I?” His towel hung around his hips and I wanted to see him.

He nodded. I gave a slight tug. My knees went weak and I wanted his cock back in my mouth.

“Not this time. I want you on the bed on your stomach.”

“Are you reading my mind?”

He laughed again. “Your face is entirely too expressive. I don’t need to read your mind.”

Shit, I was betting he could. He was so careful in his answers and only caused me to have more questions but not now. He led me to the bed and situated me on my stomach.

“Is it time for that pheromone thing now?”

“Shh, we’ll get to that. No talking or I’ll gag you.”

Oh my. A very kinky vampire. What a fucking rush.

He ran his fingers over my back. I knew he was outlining my muscle definition. For many men my musculature was a turnoff. They wanted skinny, sometimes luscious, but seldom wanted a woman with more muscles than they had. I didn’t have more than Talon. He had a way of making me feel small… I grinned. Little. Then, I stopped thinking.

His teeth grazed my flesh before his lips applied gentle suction. God, I would be covered in hickeys. I didn’t want him to stop. I swear his mouth touched every inch of skin on the back of my body; from the arch of my feet to the tips of my fingers. I knew there would be a wet stain under my pussy. He was so damn good at this.

He arranged my limp body, lifting me to my knees. I heard the click of a metal clip as he secured my hands behind my back using the rings on the cuffs. He leaned me forward so my ass pushed through the circle of my arms and the metal clip pinched against the backs of my knees before tipping me completely forward. I rested slightly on one shoulder, my hair covering my face until he moved it aside. He grasped my hips dragging my entire body toward the end of the bed.

He separated my ass cheeks and skimmed his fingers over the crack until he found the moisture waiting for him.

“What do you want, little warrior?”

Oh God, how could he ask?

“Call it. Say it out loud.”

“You, I fucking want your cock buried in me.”

I would swear his scent swirled through my entire bloodstream. An avalanche of need overtook me. It was more powerful than what he’d released before. This was different—thicker, headier, more primal.

He covered me from behind and without giving my body time to adjust, he thrust inside my pussy. Not that I fucking cared. I needed him buried inside, pushing orgasmic waves as deep as possible. He held my hips and hauled me back as he thrust forward. I could barely move but I didn’t need to. The pulse in my clit grew, pounding so hard I wondered if he could feel it. He did, because suddenly his right hand was no longer on my hip and a burning pinch squeezed my clit. The intense pain took me over. At the same time, his fangs found my throat. I screamed. There wasn’t a place on me that wasn’t rocked by my orgasm. It didn’t stop and neither did he. My screams turned to whimpers as he kept pounding inside me. Then, the scorching hunger exploded once more as my body went over the edge again.

“Shh, stay still.” Now he was gliding in and out. I could feel his piercings slide across the nerves inside my pussy.

“I can’t take any more.” I think I begged him to stop but I wasn’t sure.

“Yes, you can. Still…”

I tried to breathe; I wanted to scream again and tears ran down my cheeks. The sound of his cock squishing in and out of my juices made my inner muscles clench and I heard him groan.

“Please, release my arms.”

I was instantly free but he didn’t stop. He lifted me so I straddled his lap backwards, his hands cupping my breasts, squeezing and molding them. I arched my neck backward and he did that sexy thing with his teeth running them across my jaw. They scratched but felt so fucking good.

“Tell me what you want again, little warrior.”

I didn’t need to think this time but I was barely capable of groaning out the words, “Keep fucking me.”

His scent washed over me, surrounded me, wrapped me in desire so intense I no longer knew if we were two separate beings. This time, his moan was louder than mine. Vampires had to have steel cocks to do what he just did. The display on the bedside clock showed that over two hours had passed since he started fucking me.

I was too weak to do more than curl against him after he pulled me up the bed and settled in behind me.

“Are you going to tie me to the bed?”

“Only if you ask nicely.”

I have no idea what I answered because the world went dark.

Chapter Nine


He didn’t tie me to the bed. I woke up in his arms with a hunger requiring food and a thirst that could never be quenched.


He put the water bottle to my lips and I inhaled the fluid while trying not to choke. When he started to pull it back, I grabbed the bottle and continued slurping.

“Please, food,” I managed to get out after the bottle was completely empty.

His laugh was so delicious but it didn’t slake the hunger gnawing at my gut. The tray he swung over my lap did though. I couldn’t say anything until the first plate of eggs, bacon, and ham was finished. I took off the next lid and managed to say, “Good.”

I didn’t care that he watched me gorge myself. I’d never been this hungry in my life. My next phrase, “Is this normal,” came after I downed another bottle of water and opened the last covered dish. It was another serving of eggs and meat.

“Yes, it’s normal. Your body needs to replace the blood… among other things.”

“Do I want to know what those other things are?” At least I chewed and swallowed the huge bite in my mouth before asking.

“I’m not sure, do you?”

I didn’t like the sound of that but, before I could reply, there was a knock at the front door of the suite. I started to scramble up so I could search for my dress but Talon placed his hand heavily on my shoulder. “Stay in here. I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Do you know who it is?”

“Your friend, Major Vic.”

Shame washed over me but Talon leaned forward and kissed it away. God, could I fall in love with a vampire in less than twenty-four hours? This was crazy, but I could feel the protective vibes he radiated and it calmed me. I crawled beneath the covers and buried my head under a pillow. I received a sharp slap on my ass, too. My giggles, yes, I giggled again, followed him out of the room.

I heard the front door open.

“May I come in?”

“No,” Talon all but growled.

“I need to see Kelly.”


“Look. I need to know she’s all right.” Vic was not a happy camper and I could hear the frustration in his voice.

“You brought her to my room in little more than a kerchief, making her think she had to have sex with me and now out of some noble goodness you want to know how she is? Well fuck you.”

Oops, this was going to get out of hand fast. I jumped up, pulling the sheet around me and walked quickly out of the bedroom.

Vic saw me; at the same time Talon turned in my direction.

“I’m fine Vic. You interrupted some pillow talk so it would be best if you left.”

“Kelly…” He tried walking forward but Talon shoved him back.

I stared at Vic, refusing to hide in shame. “I need clothes; something other than a fuck me scrunchy would be nice. If you come back, bring something comfortable along with my backpack.”

With another push to Vic’s chest, Talon slammed the door in his face and turned his black gaze on me.

“Your eyes change color when you’re angry.” I smiled so Talon could see it was okay.

He ran his fingers through his hair, clearly frustrated. It made me smile and just like that, his eyes lightened and those gold sparkles made me wet.

“Fuck me, Talon.”

It worked like a dream. His pheromones went crazy and so did I. Unwinding the sheet, I let it fall as I walked closer.

Our, against the door sex, was awesome and I swear the man never tired. His dick remained rock hard through three orgasms. I rested in his lap, loving the musky sex smell that surrounded us. Our earlier conversation suddenly popped into my mind. “What other things do I need to replace?”

He gave my shoulder a small squeeze. “Your body is adapting to mine and making its own special chemicals to attract me. It pulls a lot of energy from you so you need food and water to replace what you lose.”

My pulse raced, “Will I keep doing that even after you’re gone.”

“In a way,” he whispered.

“Fuck. Will I jump any available guy and make him want sex with me.”

This made him laugh and I was instantly glad it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought but when I looked at him; I could see a question in his eyes.

That sexy thrill went back into his voice, “Make no mistake; there isn’t a heterosexual man alive that doesn’t want to have sex with you, little warrior, but the chemicals won’t make it worse.”

I brushed my hand over his jaw, tilting my head so I could lick the same path with my tongue. I didn’t believe what he said about other men wanting me. He wasn’t intimidated by my strong physique like most men so he wasn’t a good judge.

“Then, why does it matter,” I asked wondering what difference it made if I secreted a chemical smell as long as men didn’t want to jump my bones.

He stared at me for so long I didn’t think he was going to answer. I was starting to read the closed off look he used when he planned to say something I wouldn’t like. “You will release them only for me.”

“I don’t understand.”

His un-vampire like sigh was loud in the quiet room. “Your chemical pheromones will take away your desire for anyone but me”

It took two seconds before I was scrambling off his lap. “You have got to be fucking kidding me. What the hell did you do?”

He stood with that effortless sinewy grace of his causing me to catch my breath. Without thought my nipples began to tighten and my thighs clenched. No. Hell no, his sex scent scrambling my brains pissed me off even more.

Talon had almost the same pitying look Vic had when he left me in this room. For some reason, he thought softening his voice would make this right, “I did nothing but get near you. Once I did, it was out of both of our hands.”

I backed away. “No, this isn’t right. I can’t accept what you’re telling me.”

“Come sit down on the couch and I will explain.”

God, now his eyes were haunted and I wanted to cry. He picked up the discarded sheet and placed it over my shoulders. I sat down in a chair while he put his jeans back on. “Explain,” I said, after he sat across from me.

His eyes were so incredibly intense I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. “Each vampire has one mate. Once we find that person, our chemical signature changes and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I knew who you were the minute I scented your neck even with the alcohol leaking from your pores. My biological makeup started changing instantly and so did yours.”

“No fucking way.”


Shit, he used my name. I didn’t want him using my name even though I knew I was being ridiculous.

He continued after giving me a few moments to adjust. Like, anyone could ever adjust to what he was telling me. “There is much you need to know. Your people cannot win this war without the help of the vampires. Many of my people don’t want to help, but there are some, like me, that think your world is worth saving. Unfortunately, we cannot interfere with the natural progression, at least not in a blatant manner. Even with the information I was planning to give you, it might not have made a difference to the outcome. You’ve changed that. You have the ability to make a difference in your world and save the people you love.”

This was bad. Really bad, I could feel it. “How?”

“Become vampire.”

Chapter Ten


Thankfully, I was sitting down. Too many things swirled around my head at once and of all the things I could question at this moment—the end of the human world or how the hell do you become a vampire, my mind went to sex.

“So I won’t ever desire another man again?”

I could see by his eyes that he didn’t mind giving me the answer, “Only me.”

“And what about you? Will the same rules apply?” I lived and fought in a male dominated society. Yes, they’d come a long way but only because war forced it on them. “Will you desire other women?”

His expression didn’t change. “No. Never again.”

“My friend said a vampire’s smell enticed her. So you’ll just go around and entice women but you won’t fuck them?”

“I will no longer release the questing scent. It’s only there to search out a mate. I’ve found mine.”


Just the hint of a grin played on his lips but his eyes darkened. “I was hoping for a little more than that.”

“You don’t even know me.” I had to find a way to scramble out of this deal.

“I’ve known you forever.”

“But, we don’t love each other.”

“Don’t we?”

God, he frustrated me. He made it sound so simple but I wasn’t ready for this. In desperation, I changed the subject knowing I would scream if we stayed on this one.

“How does someone become a vampire?”

He ran his fingers through his hair, doing nothing but ruffling the short strands but, for some reason, it made me want him again.

No, no, no. I can carry on a conversation with this man and not think about sex.

“You will bury a blade deep in my heart and drink from the purest of all vampire blood.”

Yeah, like that was ever gonna happen. I waited for him to crack a smile. Damn, he wasn’t joking.

“Um, no. Hell no.” I stood up, dragging the ridiculously large sheet with me. “I’m not stabbing a knife into your heart.” He was completely out of his mind.

“It will not kill me.”

Another subject I couldn’t deal with at the moment so, on to the next one. “Tell me how we kill the weres.”

“They’re hellhounds not werewolves. We don’t know who released them but each time you think you kill one, it reforms in hell and returns.”

“So how do we keep it from reforming?”

“You slice off the head, burn it, and pulverize the skull.”

Oh sweet mother of a vampire. “Okay.” My brain flashed through scenarios, “I’m not saying that it’ll be easy but it sure as hell doesn’t require me to be a vampire.”

“The humans need you to lead them.”

Wait a minute. He had no idea who I was. “As a human, I lead an elite group of fighters right now. I can train them how to kill hellhounds.” Yep, I sounded desperate but I didn’t care.

“You may or may not kill them all before they end human existence. Vampires have rules we must abide by. Those rules are older than time. I can turn you, and as my mate the rules don’t apply until the elders accept you. After that, you live by the same rules I do.”

My brains were scrambled but it was all making a crazy kind of sense. “What if the elders don’t accept me when this is over?”

“It’s more of a ceremony. As my mate, they have no choice but there is no law that says when the ceremony must take place.”

“Is there some kind of a book that explains all this shit because I’m beyond fucking confused?”

“Once you drink the blood of my heart, everything I know will pass to you. No books, you will know our history and our secrets.”

“What keeps me from running to my superiors and telling them everything?”

“You won’t want to.”

“It’s that fucking simple?”

He smiled for me, his—“fuck my lips, no need for air”, smile. “It’s that fucking simple.”

I almost laughed. That was the second time I’d heard him swear. Once at Vic, and now, while repeating what I said. “So where will you be while I wage a one vamp war on the hellhounds?”

“I must return home.”

No. He wasn’t leaving me. I would never survive. And, just where the hell were these thoughts coming from?

He read my mind again. “It will be impossibly hard on both of us.”

This was too much. There was no safe subject right now. I couldn’t imagine having him out of my sight for hours much less days, weeks, or months.

My gaze locked with his. “Fuck me, Talon.” It worked like a charm. This time I could feel my own pheromones activate.

Fire practically leapt from his eyes. “Stand and drop the sheet.”

Oh my alpha vampire. I stood and dropped the sheet.

He didn’t move, just looked at me. “Come here.”

I walked the few feet separating us like I was floating on air, the lure of his scent pulling me in.

He took my hand, his gaze running over each muscled curve of my body. “I’d like to do a little work with your mouth.”

And, just like that, my saliva glands released along with a hot gush between my legs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready for what he meant. I was jerked roughly across his lap, my legs and feet on one side of his thighs with my head hanging over the other.

“What the fuck?” I tried to scramble off but he pressed against the middle of my back while his other hand grabbed the hair at my nape making it impossible to move.

His warm hand moved down rubbing deliciously over each ass cheek. I moaned loudly into the room, disrupting the sound of Talon’s heavy breathing. The moan changed to a squeal the moment his palm struck my ass.

I tried twisting and bucking my body but he held tight. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Fixing.” Strike. “The problem.” Strike. “With your filthy mouth.” Strike.

My hands flew to cover my behind but he caught them in one of his, securing them at the small of my back. I continued to wiggle and squirm, added cussing, and kicking, but he kept a constant pace, the blows getting harder with each strike. When he finally stopped, I tried catching my breath, though when his fingers entered my pussy, breathing was the last thing on my mind. My ass burned but so did the quivering nerves of my cunt.

His voice sounded like liquid silk. “The only thing I don’t find incredibly attractive about you is your language.”

“Please.” I would beg; not for the spanking to end but for him to take me over that incredible edge he held me at.

“Please, what?”

“Please, fuck me. I mean oh shit, um, screw me?”

And just like that, my ass took another beating. I should have been humiliated but I was too turned on. I wanted him to finger fuck me while I was in this position.

“Hmm…” His fingers traveled through my wet pussy and I groaned again.

“Do you want to ask me something?”

“Make love to me.”

He stood me on my weak legs but he didn’t rise from the chair. I helped him pull his jeans off before straddling his lap. He thrust into me in one powerful upward push. He tipped my head down slamming his mouth to mine—nipping, sucking, doing all those delicious things that had me thirsting for more. But after all the buildup, he moved slowly in and out while touching me everywhere. When his lips moved from mine, he scraped his teeth over my neck, driving me wild.


“Please what, little warrior.”

“Use your teeth.”

“Ahh, you like that.”

“I fucking love it.”

His fingers tightened on my arms.

“I’m sorry, please, please, don’t stop. Please.” My inner muscles tightened around his cock. He could spank me later but, He. Could. Not. Stop.

The slow steady rhythm continued. He squeezed my ass cheeks, making the burn of the spanking feel more intense, more sting-y. My orgasm built and right before I went off, I looked at him.

He watched me. His eyes held his soul and I knew, irrevocably, at that moment that we were connected forever.

Chapter Eleven


He told me to order more food. A short time later, Talon opened the door when a knock sounded. Vic stood holding my bag with a cart of food beside him.

“I need to speak with her, I won’t make you leave.”

“You can’t make me leave but it’s up to her.”

Talon looked at me and I nodded. He opened the door wider and Vic walked in.

“I’ve brought your bag and added a few items of clothing I hope are comfortable. I need to know that you’re all right, Kelly.”

I watched him wearily. So much had changed in such a short time. I was confused. I knew it but I also knew I loved Talon.

“I’m good, Vic. We need a little more time but then we’ll talk to you.”

“I’m sorry, Kells, I can’t give you that time.”

Vic pulled a Taser secured under the top of the cart. He fired it at Talon who looked like he was waiting for just that. He slowly pulled the prongs from his chest. Vic reached inside his jacket where I knew he kept a gun. I moved so fast I surprised myself and pushed the cart into him.

Talon grabbed his arms, twisting him around and keeping them behind his back like Vic was nothing more than a ragdoll. “Take the gun, Kelly.” His eyes were black again.

I moved forward.

“What the fuck are you doing, Captain Myers?” Vic was incredulous but his eyes shot daggers at me.

“I’m sorry, Vic, but there’s a lot you don’t understand and we need more time.” I took the gun.

“Call your men off, Major.”

“Fuck you.” Vic fought against the immovable wall that was my vampire.

I needed Vic to understand I was still on his side. “Vic, you need to listen to me. We can win this war but I need more time.”

“A few hours only,” Talon added.

Now it was my turn to be surprised… no hurt. We needed a hell of a lot longer than a few hours. We needed days, weeks, months.

“Let me go.” Vic’s voice broke into my thoughts.

Talon released Vic’s arms. “You will give us three hours.”

Vic looked at me, some of his anger leaving. “Do you know what you’re doing, Kells?”

I managed a comforting smile. “I know exactly what I’m doing. Give us the three hours, Vic. You owe me that. You trusted him. I trust him.”

“Three hours.” He straightened his shirt and placed his hand on the doorknob.

“Keep your men back.” Talon took a step closer to Vic, getting in his face.

Vic walked out and Talon locked the door, not that it would stop them. They had keys and assault weapons. I clenched the sheet tighter in my trembling fingers and gazed at Talon.

“I’m sorry, little warrior; I wanted more time.” He walked closer then stopped. Using the sheet he pulled me the last few inches and I was in his arms.

Three hours. Three fucking hours.

I melted against him, fighting tears.

“You need to eat. It will be your last meal of solid food.”

“No, I can’t eat. I’m afraid; please take the fear away.”

He kissed me and I dropped the sheet. Then, he loved me. He carried me to his bed and took an hour. He didn’t use the bed straps and I wondered if we would ever have the chance. He was hard and soft but his eyes never left mine. I screamed, I cried, I begged. He took me over the top again and again.

My vampire.

We showered and I held my tears tightly inside. I refused to cry and ruin what he’d given me. He told me to dress and I did. He put on jeans, his feet bare, his chest muscles rippling as he walked to grab a large bag from the closet.

The long wooden case he pulled out had ornate scrollwork. He set it on the end of the bed and opened it.

“No Talon; I can’t.”

His eyes assured me but the foot-long knife did not. “You can do this. It will hurt me but you will also hurt. It will be days before your body completely transforms and I cannot be here with you.”

“Why?” It was an anguished cry and the tears I refused to shed rolled down my cheeks anyway.

He pulled me close, his lips breathing against mine. “Once you are vampire, I could never leave you. I would take you with me, humans be damned. This is the only chance your race has. When the war is over, I will find you and we will never be separated again. I promise.”

“What if I die Talon? You can’t promise that I’ll survive this war.” I was being such a big baby. Me, the leader of a fighting unit that took no prisoners.

“Little warrior, it’s almost impossible to kill a vampire or to cage one. I will find you.”

He took my hand and lifted the knife. “This is mine and only used once for my mate. I’ve sharpened it for years and it will do its job.”

Script written in another language wrapped around the hilt.

“What does it say?” The dagger was beautiful but I knew what it needed to do and looking at it almost hurt.

He placed it in my hand and moved my hand against my heart; his body stepping into me so his heart rested against my hand. “My blood is your blood. The phrase is on every questing blade.

He pulled away and lay on the bed with me standing beside him.

“Kiss me again, little warrior.”

I looked at the knife. I wanted to toss it away but I couldn’t. It was completely crazy but I trusted him. I trusted him with human civilization. Bending over, I put my lips against his. The kiss was sweet, passionate—everything. My tears splashed on his cheeks, my hands trembled.

He pushed me back and placed his palms over mine so we both held the blade.

“I cannot force you to drink. It’s something you must do freely. But we will do this part together.”

“I love you.” I said it. I meant it.

“I love you.”

His arms flexed, pulling away from his body so there was about six inches between the tip of the blade and his flesh. He looked into my eyes and when I felt his hands tighten, I pushed down hard.

Oh God, the shock in his eyes scared me. The knife passed into his chest like butter. He tried to speak but no words passed his lips. I looked down at the knife, there was no blood. Shit, I needed to pull it out. His hands fell to his sides. Blood dripped from his beautiful lips. I jerked the knife upward and a gush of blood ran from his chest.

I looked back at his eyes. They were glassy but still gazing at me. Just the tips of his lips tilted and it gave me the courage to lean down to his heart and put my lips against the wound. My tongue lapped at the blood. Like his semen, it was sugary, incredibly sweet.

The change in my body was instantaneous, the muscles of my legs seized and I slumped against him. His hands lifted, grabbing me so I continued to feed from his blood. He held me close as I became a vampire.

I have no idea how much time passed. My body hurt but it was also, somehow, connected to his. More than when his cock was deep inside my pussy. This was different. This was the two of us becoming one.

I heard pounding at the door to the suite. If they found us covered in blood they would kill him.

“Sleep, my little warrior.” His voice was incredible and I wanted to soak up each syllable and roll naked in each word.

The world went dark.

Chapter Twelve


I woke up in a military hospital room. The white walls and constant beep of a heart monitor gave my location away. Vic was slouched in a chair beside the bed. I’d never seen him with facial hair but he had a few days’ growth going. Fuck.



I knew. I somehow knew everything. Vampire history. The secrets. Everything. Talon was right; I wouldn’t give up their history to humans.

I would have moved but my hands and feet were strapped down. It pissed me off. I heard Vic shift a little in what must be an uncomfortable chair and I looked at him. His eyes opened and then grew huge when he saw I was awake.

“Take this fucking shit off of me Vic.” It wasn’t a request.


“Don’t fucking ‘Kells’ me. You know what… forget it.” I tightened my fists and the straps broke. I flexed my feet and the same thing happened. Human rules and bindings no longer applied to me.

Vic’s gun came out and I laughed. “Shoot me and get this shit over with. It won’t kill me and we have hellhounds to destroy.” I waited for the blast. Vic’s hand shook and I wanted to laugh again. “Where’s Talon?” I didn’t have time for this shit.

Vic seemed to gather his control. “We were hoping you could tell us that.”

I smiled, having no idea my fangs flashed until I saw the look on Vic’s face. I raised my hand and touched the sharp canines. My smile grew. “Talon is probably embroiled in some vampire political game at the moment.”

He couldn’t take his eyes from my teeth. “Do you even know where he is?”

“I could probably find him if I looked hard enough but that’s not going to win this war. You need to get me to my men, ASAP.”

“Kelly, no one will let you near your men. You’re a vampire.”

No one could stop me but I’d try playing nice first and if it didn’t work, I’d change the plan. But Uncle Sam would not like my changes and that, I could guaranfuckingtee.

“Vic, come here.” He didn’t want to but, oh boy, this vampire shit was great.

He stood up, a look of complete horror on his face as he took a step closer, the gun hanging loosely at his side. He opened his mouth to call out.

“No, quiet.” His jaws snapped shut and I hoped he had his tongue pulled back. I giggled. A fucking vampire little warrior giggle. “Place your empty hand out, wrist up.” His hand shook but it came forward. I could care less about the gun, it couldn’t hurt me, and he could fucking keep it.

I didn’t waste time, I needed blood. Vic stood still and let me take a bite of him not that he could stop me. As I fed, his body relaxed. I licked a few sloppy drops of blood from his wrist when I was finished and then let his hand drop.

“We can do this the easy or the hard way, Vic. You are taking me to my men. Once I’m with them, I will tell you and the military how to kill hellhounds. Then we will kill fucking hellhounds until every last one is dead. If you have a problem, get me someone higher on the totem pole.”

He was seeing the old me and I was okay with that. I started ripping the leads off my chest, pulled the IV out of my arm and stood up. God, I felt good. Everywhere I looked, I saw a new world—color definition, hearing, smell; everything perfectly clear.

Unfortunately, it was another day before I was back in the desert. My patience was shot and I swear I was going to knock some heads together soon. The General, yep, that general and two others came to the hospital. I’d been out cold for five days. They didn’t want to tell me anything about what was going on so I stopped asking. Blood held their memories. I was going to kill Talon when I saw him again. I’d wait until after I’d fucked him silly but then I would wring his neck. So many things he should have told me—the fuckhead.

I was also pissed at him for keeping the truth from me about the stupid dagger. If I’d chosen not to drink his blood, he’d have died. Not the kind of information you should keep from your mate and I’d make him pay. Deliciously pay for risking his life.

But first, the war.

My men were game. I knew they would be. Wiggs was the best.

“So now your cock trap has fangs Captain?”

“Yes it does, you have a fucking problem with that Wiggs?”

“No ma’am, but my cock just shrank two sizes.”

“Well, get that little nub in gear and let’s kick some ass.”

“Yes, Captain.” He saluted me, the ass.

Killing hellhounds was easy for me but not humans. My unit took a few hits but we were far luckier than most. There were also other vampires fighting; one woman and two men that I knew of. I never saw them but the information passed to me through blood donations. I wasn’t finicky like Talon. I didn’t care if someone wanted to donate or not. I needed information and food. I took it.


One year later…

In the end, humans prevailed.

I resigned from my active military duty, refusing to act as a consultant. They weren’t happy but I didn’t give a fuck. Talon hadn’t come looking for me and, by God, I was planning to kick his ass good when I found him.

If he’d told me it would take a year to vanquish our enemy, I’d have told him to go fuck himself. I was one horny-ass vampire and it was his fault. I rinsed the conditioner from my hair, washed my body, and stepped from the shower. Walking into my room, I stopped cold.

A fucking vampire lay on my bed. Of course, it wasn’t just any vampire, this one was mine.

“Took you long enough.” I tried ignoring the camo BDUs, bare chest, and his black boots as he leaned against my pillows. His legs, crossed at the ankles looked good enough to eat. Fuck, he was hot but I was pissed off and we needed to get that out of the way first.

“Drop the towel, little warrior.”

Oh, he thought it was that easy. It took everything I had but I walked into my closet, and grabbed the first shirt my hand touched and pulled it over my head. Next, I grabbed jeans and wiggled them over my damp skin.

When I walked out of the closet, he waited several feet in front of me. I couldn’t help masturbating him with my eyes—his fuckable lips tilted up at the corners of his… “I know you want me” smirk. My eyes traveled lower, over the tattoos that accented his ripped chest and shoulders, then to that kissable V sliding down the low waist of the BDUs, giving me the beginnings of my number one fantasy.

Fuck me. He was hot.

“It’s been a while Talon.”

“Too long, little warrior.”

Dammit, he seemed unruffled. Calm, almost like this was some kind of a game to him. I’d just see about that.

I nodded to my bag, lying propped against the wall. “You caught me before I left on vacation.

“Lucky you.” He didn’t even look at the bag. His eyes focused entirely on me.

“It’s been a fucking year Talon. Seriously, what the fuck?” Yep, just a bit of emotion broke in at the end of my question dammit.

“Still having a problem with that mouth I see. You know I don’t care for your language.”

Fuck this.

I attacked the fucker.

“You. Fucking. Piece. Of. Shit.” I said between kicks and punches. He blocked but didn’t fight back. I got in a lucky hit, clocking him on the jaw, but he did little more than take a half step back. I didn’t stop. All my pent up rage, my fucking need for him, and my love… yes, love went into each blow. My blows were vampire quick but his blocks were quicker.

“You know neither of us will tire. You had enough yet, baby?” That sexy drop in his voice almost did me in but I couldn’t stop.

Five minutes later, I guess he decided enough was enough. As I turned around, he locked me in his arms with my back pressed tightly to his chest. That was okay, because my skull flew back and I connected with his lip.

The sweet tangy scent of his blood flowed into the room. I was barely breathing hard but my voice was low and whispery, “Fuck me, Talon.”

He turned me and his lips crashed into mine. My fingers curled inside the top of his BDUs bringing him closer. He pulled back just enough to get my shirt off so we were skin to skin from the waist up. I sucked his bloody lip into my mouth, wanting his sweet taste, wanting him. He’d put sharp spikes in his pierced nipples and they scraped against my breasts. I was getting a pair just like these… soon.

My back hit the bed and he came down on me before rolling so I was on top. He took my hips and situated me so I straddled his thigh. I so fucking remembered this position but then forgot everything as he leaned up and his teeth entered my throat. The pull was incredible. Vampires had everything on humans. I rode his thigh in time to the pulse of his heart. My orgasm exploded but didn’t stop. He pulled away from my throat and my teeth entered his.

He somehow managed to unzip my pants and slide them down my hips. His fingers found my center, pushing inside. Hard. There was nothing gentle about what he did to me. My orgasm never stopped; it rose with each thrust of his fingers. Then, he pinched my clit, a hard burning squeeze that caused me to cry out. I pulled my fangs back but I wasn’t nearly finished and neither was he.

He flipped me to my stomach, put his arm beneath my belly, and pulled me to my hands and knees. I don’t know when he unbuttoned his pants but his cock buried deeply in my pussy and it was his turn to yell. “So good. I missed you so much. Never again.”

“Fuck me hard, Talon.”

A feral growl left his throat as he pistoned inside me. He became me. We were no longer two separate people. We were one animal. One fucking mated animal.

His teeth entered my throat again while his body covered me. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t had sex with anyone in a year, it mattered that my mate hadn’t fucked me. I needed him in order to breathe and for the last twelve months, I’d never taken a full breath. We both yelled our orgasms into the room before collapsing. He rolled to the side bringing me around so I rested face to face in his arms.

“I love you,” he whispered.

That was all it took to make me cry and once the floodgates opened, they didn’t stop.

“Shh, little warrior. Never again. You will never be more than three feet from my side ever again.”

This was why he couldn’t fuck me after I changed. Now that he had, nothing could separate us. Our bodies created blood to feed each other. Our hearts beat with the same pulse completely synchronized.

He pulled me close.

I mumbled my yummy confession against his sweat dampened flesh. “I need to work on my language; I’ve been a very naughty girl.”

“I was thinking you might.”

I wiggled my toes and felt his boots. His pants were down to his knees but remained bloused at his calves. “Do you think we could work on that after you pull your pants up and we take advantage of my fantasy?”

His hand clenched in my hair as he brought my face up so I was looking into the sparkling gold specks of his eyes.

“Oh little warrior, I thought you’d never ask.”