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100 FREE Books

100 books

Over 100 free books!

If you’re a bibliophile, there’s no doubt you’ll think this event is Christmas in July. More than 100 authors have banned together to bring you various tropes of romance so there’s something for everyone. Keeping their readers in mind, authors have included complete stories so there are no sample chapters, excerpts or extended epilogues to books that you’ve never read.

100 free booksYou can expect to find everything from billionaires to secret babies to second chance love and hometown heroes. There are also dark romance and romantic suspense books. With so many books in this giveaway, you’ll have hours upon hours of endless entertainment that you can download immediately. That’s right! There’s no waiting period. You don’t have to “win” anything. Just click on the title that you like and take what you want. There’s no limit. Take one book or twenty books.

Meet New Authors

100 free booksThere are no repeat of books. Each title is presented by a different author. This gives you, the reader, the perfect opportunity to find some new and interesting authors with over 100 free books! Hopefully, you’ll even find something in there from some of your favorite Indie authors. What can be better than when your favorite authors help you find new ones that you’ve never heard of before?

How Long Is This Event?

100 free booksWhen the authors got together, they wanted to give readers a few weeks to download and read as many books as they’d like from the giveaway. This 100 free books promotion has a start date of Friday, July 7th and ends on Monday, July 31st. So don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to come back and check to make sure you didn’t miss any good books.

How You Can Help The Authors

By downloading their book, you’ve already helped them immensely. How, you might ask? Because you’re taking a chance on them by sampling one of their stories. But you can do more! Authors love reviews. If you are a member of Goodreads, you can review the free book that you received and recommend that author to your friends. Let’s say you meet some wonderful new authors that you just adore, you can also search for them on social media and follow them. It feels good to know that you have followers on social media, right? Authors are the same way, and many of them love interacting with their readers so there’s a great chance that you can even talk to some of them–and they are some pretty cool people.

100 Free Books

A FREE One and a NEW One

HEAT, the first book in the Hotter Than Hell Series, is now FREE. It’s a complete story with no cliff hanger ending and introduces your to my wild outlaw world of very bad men who steal your heart. Not to mention the kickass women who complement them. Get it while it’s HOT and FREE.


IGNITE, book 5 in the Hotter Than Hell Series, releases December 26th and is now available for pre-order. My amazing friend Wendy Higgs says this is the best of the series so far. She also said she wouldn’t hold it against me that I made her cry. I’m an evil woman because I was glad to hear the story took an emotional toll. I had to walk away before writing a certain scene because I couldn’t see the keyboard through my tears. As always, though, I promise a happy ending. The last line of the book may be my favorite ending EVER!


Newsletter Giveaway: Kindle Fires

img_0781In 2016, I gave away 7 Kindle Fires. In 2017, I’m giving away 14. I went hog wild on Black Friday and ordered these babies. Someone needs to win so why can’t it be you? I also have an easy peasy Newsletter Exclusive Contest every month and all you need to do is email me with the “contest word” in the subject line of your email and you’re entered to win one of two Amazon $10 Gift Cards.

This is my way for thanking my readers for all they do. So my question is… are you one of my Wicked Newsletter Subscribers?

If not, it’s super easy to sign up:



Two New Box Sets for 99 Cents

Cuffed & Claimed  contains Book 4 of the Hotter Than Hell Series.

cuffed claimed box set image2STREET JUSTICE gives a new twist in the series with a sexy cop and his wacky next door neighbor. There’s a secret in the story and by the time it unravels you’ll know the connection to the criminal empire from books 1,2, and 3. I promise a wild ride with laughs and steamy sex.  There are ten stories in the box set from ten amazing authors  for 99 CENTS. All author proceeds go to the families of officers lost in the line of duty! As a retired police officer this is near and dear to my heart. Pre-order now. This set is only available for a limited time! Releases Oct. 4, 2016.

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Disorderly Conduct features HEAT, Book I, of the Hotter Than Hell Series.

HSR-Disorderlyconduct-Jail (1)

The great thing about the set is it includes 7 other awesome author’s stories for 99 CENTS! These books are yummy good. Releases November 8, 2016.


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