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Men in tight pants and the women who love them.

The Completion Sports Books are steamy tales of love and angst among the hottest athletes in the world. 

It's all about the boys and their balls!

Completion Sports

Sexy Sports Romance

Marinah WW

Marinah thinks she's a wimp. It takes King, a shapeshifing monster to help her come into her own and prove a badass has been hiding behind her cool exterior. Now watch out! The series takes place in post-apocalyptic America with hellhounds and scarier monsters mixed with romance and humor. 

Marinah and King

Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy
dangerous romance1

Hotter Than Hell is where you'll find your perfect anti-hero and Holly's best reviewed series. Think hot desert mafia bad boys. These books are steamy, unethical, and HOT! Did we mention HOT? If you like strong women and the men who challenge them while taking a dangerous adventure where drugs, sex, and murder hide behind each corner; it's time to read the Hotter Than Hell Series.

Hotter Than Hell

Contemporary Mafia Bad Boy Billionaires

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