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I’m proud to announce a 3-book contract with Bookouture Hachette UK. The books will be available worldwide in eBook and paperback. As a retired sex crimes and homicide detective who worked a few hours from Warren Jeffs' FLDS polygamist stronghold on the Utah and Arizona border, I’ve wanted to take my knowledge and wrap a fictionalized story based on the actual horrors of the cult and their way of life. Detective Eve Bennet was born. Stay tuned for more info on cover reveal, release dates, and cult activity across the US. Click the THRILLER tab above for more information. 

Holly's Chills & Thrills Facebook Group

Join me in the Chills and Thrills Facebook group where we discuss crimes against women and the horrors of the FLDS Church along with other cult atrocities facing women and children. Trigger Warning: This is a place for women to freely discuss their abuse and pain. It's a group where we can learn and hopefully implement change. Join Here