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  1. Just finished reading the conpletion series…..dying to know if you will ever write Van Stelson’s story? Would love to see what happens to his character on the road to love….also a few other Slam characterrs.

    1. Thank you for connecting Angie! So many people disliked Van but I’m with you, he needs his own story. I’m contracted for a new adult anthology late in 2015. The story must be from the male point of view. I’m seriously considering Van. He’s just so naughty and bad. Eventually I also plan to write a basketball book and bring in a character from Strike.

  2. I just finished the last book of fang chronicles. I really love all the books in the series. I hope there is moore books and hope that Veda and tyboll can come home some day.

    1. Hi Ann, thank you! Yes, I have more planned for Veda and Tyboll I’m just not sure when the next book will be out. Be sure to check out the Dragon Series (Dragons Don’t Cry is FREE). The two series collide and it’s so much fun when you’ve read all the Fang books.

  3. Just finished reading the Dragon series. My heart broke for them. Such simple words brought me to tears. I can’t wait to read Tahr’s story.

  4. Hi!
    Subscribed to your newsletter via “Strong Women Read Steamy Books” promo and you mention you travel giving classes on “Getting It Right” when law enforcement is included in books. I’m wondering if you have a schedule of classes and locations, or if you’re contacted by writing groups to give the class?
    Thanks! Fran

    1. Hi Fran,

      I’ll be in Louisiana in October this year as a trainer for the Silverhart Swat Academy. Next year I’ll be in Vegas giving a training for the local RWA Chapter but we haven’t cemented a date yet. And yes, writer’s groups contact me for bookings.

  5. I accidentally unsubscribed from STRONG WOMEN READ STEAMY BOOKS. Please put me back on to subscribe. I have your free book up front on my carousel to read. Thank you!

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