Welcome to the USA TODAY Bestselling Romance side of Holly’s writing. From paranormal vampires, shifters, and dragons to hot jocks of the sports world, and steamy antiheroes, take a journey through the Holly’s fun and sometimes twisted mind where love is not as it appears, women are kickass, and men burn up the pages.

The multiple bestselling series below are listed according to steam beginning with the acclaimed Marinah and King post-apocalyptic series rated PG-13 to Hotter Than Hell antiheros with a solid R for sex, violence, and language. Ratings are a suggestion only.


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A standalone Vampire & Werewolf romantic thriller
PG-17 (violence, medium sexual content)
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Join Marinah and King on their post-apocalyptic adventures where the real monsters may wear human skin
PG-13 (violence, mild sexual content)
Copy of Copy of Cozy with a bit of grit

Vampires and shifters need each other to survive in the human world. Unfortunately not all agree.

Let the paranormal war begin

Spinoff Dragon Fire Chronicles Series Below

PG-16 (violence, language, medium sexual content)

Series Complete

boys and balls

These lovable jocks fill the pages with steamy scenes and the strong women who keep them in line. PLAY & RUCK are USA TODAY Bestsellers

PG-17 (language, strong sexual content)

Series Complete


The hot and spicy dragons will make you laugh, cry, and bang your head against the nearest wall.

PG-17 (language, strong sexual content, spicy humor)

Series Complete

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Sons of anarchy for women

In Holly’s own words, the Hotter Than Hell series is her best romance writing. Filled with steamy suspense, antiheroes from the criminal world, corrupt cops, and off the pages Hotter Than Hell scenes, she uses her experience with criminals and dark imagination blended with spots of real-life humor. These books are a dark and twisted look at the desert mafia underworld.

Spinoff Mafia Academy Series Below

R (violence, torture, language, strong sexual content, human trafficking, kidnapping, sexual assault though not explicit just indicated)

Series Complete but someday ...

Mafia (1)

Hotter Than Hell spinoff. After the completion of the Hotter Than Hell series, Holly decided to delve into the mafia families, some mentioned in the HTH series. She created a new world in which one of her favorite characters oversees the rough and tumble tutelage of mafia youth. These books take place senior year with 17 to 18 year old characters.

Available Kindle Unlimited for a limited time 

PG-16 (violence, language, sexual content)   

Series Complete