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A Note from Holly

Welcome to my wicked world of books and thank you for dropping in. My stories are filled with steamy adventure from dragon shifters to a criminal empire and everything you can possibly imagine in between. As a child I wrote nightly Star Trek episodes in my head to fall asleep (no worries, I never wore a red suit) and imagined I traveled the universe looking for adventure. A gifted imagination led me to the love of reading and that led me to owning a bookstore for twenty years and inhaling every book I could fit into a busy schedule that included a husband and 3 children.

At age 45, I turned to another dream and became a police officer and then a detective working sex crimes and homicide. In 2014, I optioned my life story to Rocklin & Faust (2016 Academy Award winners for Best Picture “Spotlight”). During the second negotiations in 2016 the deal, (that’s money if you’re wondering) fell apart and one dream soon led to another. In 2017, I signed with another production company. Fingers crossed, someday, my work will find the big screen. 

Currently I’m writing Explosion, the next installment in the Hotter Than Hell Series. Can anyone say heart strings? You will love Cora and Duke. On the mystery side, The Forever Partner writing as Suzie Ivy publishes June 1st 2020. Queen the next book in Marinah’s series publishes June 17th 2020. Pre-orders are available by clicking the link. 


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