One of my favorite aspects of writing is delving into research. I thrive on uncovering those subtle nuances that bring a story to life. Whether I aim to make you feel fear, sadness, or love, I ensure you experience it authentically through meticulous research. Join me on this journey by exploring the links I've provided. It's a deep and dark rabbit hole, but I invite you to venture down it with me.


Story Behind the Story: BREACH

I want you to picture a young girl living in Florida near the Gulf of Mexica riding her bike every summer day to go swim in the ocean. If friends weren’t available, I would go on my own. Yeah, I know swimming alone isn’t wise but I was a water child and lived to swim and explore. There was an outcropping of huge boulders near the pier in Ft. Walton Beach that was a favorite of mine for jumping and playing pirates or mermaids. One night (we had a sitter for the weekend), I rode my bike to the pier just to see the ocean. It was a big deal because one of my mom’s rules was no bike riding after dark, but remember, babysitter. About an hour into my curiosity of what they fished for on the pier, someone caught something big. I stayed and watched until they pulled in a twelve foot giant hammerhead shark. I had never seen anything like it. The fisherman and the shark fought a battle I will never forget. The other interesting reaction I had was the sadness that such an awesome creature died. It stayed with me. Now transport yourself forward in time two years. We moved from Florida to California and I was back on the ocean again. Before I could dip my toe in the water and return to my mermaid roots, my mom took me to the drive in theater to see the latest hit movie. JAWS. My ocean adventures came to an end because sharks scared the shit out of me. And now, I hope to scare the shit out of you with BREACH.

Diving into the Depths: The Research Journey for "Breach"

Writing a novel is an adventure, a deep dive into the unknown where each chapter is a stroke that takes you closer to the abyss of your imagination. When I began working on "Breach", I knew I wanted to create a narrative that was as immersive and intense as the deep-sea adventures that formed its backdrop. This post will take you behind the scenes into the extensive research and personal experiences that shaped this underwater thriller.

The Spark of Inspiration

The inspiration for "Breach" stemmed from my endless fascination with sharks that sprang up because I spent my days swimming in the Gulf of Mexico as a child when Jaws, the movie, released. The unpredictable ocean and shark life intrigued and terrified me. I was drawn not only to the physical dangers but also to the psychological impact of isolation while fighting for your life. This sparked the idea of a story that combined suspense, the raw force of nature, and the human element of resilience.

Researching the Deep Blue

The first step in my research was to understand the environment where my story would unfold. I submerged myself in studies about marine biology, oceanography, and the ecological impacts of deep-sea fishing. Books, scientific articles, and watching interviews with marine experts on YouTube expanded my knowledge base, allowing me to paint a vivid picture of the ocean's beauty and brutality.

One of the most impactful experiences was a trip I took on a fishing boat with my family twenty years ago. We arrived at the marina and my youngest turned to me and said, “We need a bigger boat.” Spending the day in the ocean’s vastness helped me capture the essence of life aboard a yacht—the smells, the sway of the deck under my feet, and the endless horizon that both isolates and liberates.

Characters Born from the Sea

The characters in "Breach" are as complex as the ocean itself. From Kate, the determined mother, to Ryan, the precocious five-year-old, each character was sculpted to reflect the range and depth of human emotion when those you love the most are in danger.

Challenges Along the Way

Writing "Breach" had its challenges. Translating the fear and allure of the ocean depths into compelling text was a formidable task that often left me as isolated as my characters.


The research for "Breach" was a deep dive into the unknown, much like the adventures of the Carter family. This journey not only educated me about the world beneath the waves but also about the resilience of the human spirit. I hope that readers feel that cold touch of the ocean's depths and emerge thrilled and thoughtful from the story. All puns are intended.


The following are links I used in the research if you too would like to take a deep dive.